Local SEO Help for the Long Haul

Do you want to rank better in the local search results, stay visible there, and actually get more paying customers out of the deal?

If so, it will probably take long-term work – especially if you’re in a competitive market. (More detail here.)

Your site will need better content, you’ll need solid links, and you’ll need more reviews from happy customers – for starters.  You’ll also need to weather Google’s constant changes and deal with competitors who want to take your seat at the local Feast. This post and this post have a little more detail on the basic process.

If you’d like world-class local SEO help from a guy with world-class experiencerecognition, and happy clients, I’d like to take the journey with you.

Just fill out this questionnaire and send it to phil@localvisibilitysystem.com. I’ll look at your situation and let you know how I can help.

Or you can read on if you’d like a little more detail first.


“What problems can you help me with?”

Pretty much anything that stands between you and more local customers.  Most likely, we’ll need to work on a combination of basic one-time work and on longer-term steps. To be a little more specific: I can help you with frustrating issues like:

  • How to get more local visibility and solid leads even when you’ve done everything you can think of. I can help you get through the plateau.
  • Figuring out why you don’t get enough customers from whatever rankings you do have.
  • How to get reviews in tricky situations (e.g. you’re a divorce lawyer or a psychotherapist).
  • Finding link opportunities and doing link-outreach in order to get those links.
  • If you do AdWords, getting your AdWords campaign to perform better – or weaning your business off of AdWords.  (This isn’t local SEO, but I’ve done AdWords for almost a decade and can probably help you.)
  • How to redesign your site and not lose rankings.
  • How to rank in markets where you don’t have a physical location.


“What do you work on for me, exactly?”

Your local rankings/visibility depend on 4 main moving parts, all of which I can help you on:

  • Your site. I’ll make sure it’s technically sound, well-optimized, doesn’t make visitors hit the “back” button, and that it has tons of in-depth info on all the services you’re trying to rank for.
  • Your links. You need links from other, relevant sites to your site. Good link opportunities should take digging and/or work. I’ll find those opportunities and help you do what it takes to get those links.
  • Your local listings. I’ll make sure your Google My Business page is set up correctly, and that you’ve got accurate local listings on the other sites that Google and customers expect to see you on.
  • Your reviews. Good rankings without good reviews are often a waste.
    Also, reviews can help your rankings in the first place. I’ll help you get dialed-in on reviews.

All the local SEO work I’ll do for you will be for one of the above steps. The work on the site and on your listings generally is one-time work, or it tapers off after a few months. Longer-term, most of our efforts will go to racking up good links and reviews, and possibly to cleaning up your competitors’ Google Maps spam.

If you want, I can also help you with other parts of your local/online marketing, like improving your conversion-rate optimization and making your AdWords campaign more profitable and easier to manage. (That would be part of my standard ongoin service, and would not cost extra.)


“Why can’t we be like a Hollywood ‘power couple’ and just part ways after, say, 3 months?”

I suppose it’s possible you won’t need me after 3 months, if we plan the work and really work the plan.  Depends what your goals are.  But more often than not, it takes a longer-term push to create all the content your site needs, earn some good links, get happy customers to write reviews, and for Google to digest all that work.


“How does this compare to your other services?”

The “Local Visibility X-Ray” is a local SEO audit: I give you all my suggestions for how to meet your local visibility goals, and it’s up to you to run with the suggestions.

My “Mastermind” service is an hourly consultation.  Perfect if you want some local-search troubleshooting or just have some questions you want answered for good.

My Long-Haul service (what I’m talking about on this page) is for you if you’re in an extra-competitive market, aren’t really a do-it-yourselfer, or just need bespoke service.


“How much does your ongoing service cost?”

I’ve got a $900/month minimum.

But what you need to invest depends on how much work you need from me month to month. You may need more help. Again, that’s where my questionnaire comes in, so I can understand your needs – and tell you whether my ongoing service is even what you need in the first place.

There are no contracts. We’ll work together for just as long as you clearly see the value every month. Every month I will send you a clear and plain-English summary of the work I did.


“Why should I choose you?”

I’d say the ideal situation is that you’ve tried some of the suggestions in my emails and blog posts, found that they work pretty well, and realize that I could probably help you even more personally.

Or maybe you’ve read my testimonials and online reviews and want to work with someone well-known in the industry and experienced at helping business owners

Or maybe you saw me speak at a conference.

Or maybe a friend recommended me.

Whatever the case, I’d love to know your reasons for choosing me.

“Helped Bottom Line”

“Phil’s knowledge and expertise in organic SEO is as good as it gets. He has helped my business and my bottom line. My return on investment was better than I had hoped. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is looking for an honest SEO professional.”

—Michael Mandis, Owner, Alliance Mortgage Funding, Inc.

Cockeysville, MD


“Doing Extremely Well Once Again, Despite the Pandemic”

“Thanks to Phil, I experienced a dramatic influx of clients within a relatively short amount of time, and my business continued to thrive for the next 5 years, until the pandemic hit. At that point, I lost two-thirds of my clientele practically overnight, and re-engaged Phil. As a result, my business is doing extremely well once again, despite the pandemic. Phil’s phenomenal expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm, and wit are just a few reasons why it’s a real pleasure to work with him. In my experience, he truly cares about helping businesses catapult to success, and is a powerhouse in the SEO world. I can’t thank him enough.”

—Cynthia Mansur, MFT

Lafayette, CA


“Highly Effective”

“Over the past seven years I’ve contracted with several SEO agencies to assist with search marketing for my business and on behalf of my clients. They all ultimately failed to deliver what they promised and it was hard to determine what actual work they had performed. I’ve worked with Phil for almost a year now and his services have been highly effective. He builds high-quality links and has provided great content and on-page SEO advice. He is easy to work with and the services he delivers are completely transparent. In my 30+ years in business it has been rare to work with a vendor who provides as much value for the money as Phil does.”

—Bill Frink, Owner, Frink Inc. Advertising

Austin, TX


“Seen Results”

“Phil is the most accessible, knowledgeable, and honest professional I have come across for local SEO services. After sifting through pages of valuable content on his site, I decided to try his X-Ray service. I provided some information about my company, Marshall Building & Remodeling, and he produced a comprehensive list of action steps for me to improve our rankings, build links, strengthen our website, and increase visibility and business. I started in on the list and realized, as a business owner, I didn’t have time to execute these important items on my own. So I hired Phil for his ongoing monthly service. He’s easy to work with, detailing his plan and communicating along the way. We’ve seen proven results and I’ve gained a greater understanding of SEO and how to leverage it for growth. In the everchanging SEO world, Phil stays current, which is so important. He’s a great resource to improve your local rankings and achieve your business goals.”

—Anne Marshall, Co-Owner, Marshall Building & Remodeling

Riverside, RI

“Allows Me to Focus on What I Do Best”

“At this point I consider Phil a partner in my business.  He sets em’ up, and I knock em’ down!  I can no longer imagine my business without Phil’s services.  I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without my visibility to local customers.  I profit more than I used to because I’m better able to focus on what I do best (landscaping) by allowing Phil to do what he does best (getting me found).”

Joe Palumbo, Forest Lake, MN—Joe Palumbo, President, Palumbo Services, Inc.

LakeshoreGuys.com and IceDamRemovalGuys.com
Forest Lake and Minneapolis, MN


“Steady Flow of Clients”

Marc Shanley, Kunkletown, PA

Kunkletown, PA


“Increase in Calls”

“Thanks again for all your good work. There has been a solid and noticeable increase in calls.”

Ayodeji Badaki, Esq., Hagerstown, MD—Ayodeji Badaki, Esq., The Badaki Law Firm, LLC

Hagerstown, MD


“To the Top We Went”

“Once we worked with Phil on Google Places, we shot up to the top in no time. We have had a great return on our investment….. When we ask new patients how they heard about us, they say that our listing was the top search for ‘Fresno Dentist,’ and seeing that we were at the top of each category, they knew that our office was right for them. Thanks for your help in taking us to the top Phil! Your work is absolutely appreciated.”

Dr. J. Art Mirelez, Fresno, CA—Dr. J. Art Mirelez, Jr, DDS, Mirelez Wellness Dental

Fresno, CA


“Setting Records”

“Phil is a top-notch guy to work with in every sense of the word. He is super knowledgeable and stays on the cutting edge of everything related to online marketing. Phil’s passion for his work…and MY SUCCESS…has been obvious from day one. I’m from the ‘Show Me State’ and I must say I was a bit skeptical at first. But Phil has done just what he promised – Shown me the RESULTS! After just 2 months of working with Phil, my online business jumped 220% and I’ve been setting records ever since.”

Shannon Anderson, Cape Girardeau, MO—Shannon Anderson, Owner, Heartland Counseling Center

Cape Girardeau, MO


“Business Has Picked Up”

“Let’s face it, running a business is not an easy task. Most days spent dealing with customers, paperwork, and figuring out how you’re going to fit a decent meal in between. I’ve had to learn through the years to take a step back and really think about what I can and can’t do for my company. Websites, reviews and Google Places is not my strong suit.

I met Phil and his team some years back through a gentleman that built my website. They have done numerous projects together and I have seen the evidence of what Phil does working for many businesses, not just my own. After hiring Phil and his team to work with one of my sites I got to really work hand in hand with him. His communication skills, patience and expertise are top notch. I’ve never gone without a return phone call or email to one of my genius questions I seem to have from time to time. Business has 100% without a doubt picked up because of the work Phil and his team have done with my site. I highly recommend Local Visibility System to anyone that is looking to ‘Step it Up a Notch’ for their business and knows when to take a step back and realize we can’t do everything that has to do with our business. Phil is honest, upfront and will walk you through the whole process. That’s why he’s already worked on our second website and continues to work with us on other projects.”

—Ryaan J. Tuttle, Owner, Best Handyman Boston

Boston, MA


“It Worked”

“It has been a pleasure working with Phil, he never left me in the dark and always explained what he was doing to get us ranked better on Google places and it worked and saved me a ton of time. I would highly recommend him.”

—Chris Swearengin, Owner, CS Roofing Company

4 locations in Michgan


Want help?

If you need more visibility on the local map and more customers, and a wingman you can trust, we should work together.  Just fill out my questionnaire and zap it over to me (phil@localvisibilitysystem.com).

Phil Rozek


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phil ( at ) localvisibilitysystem.com

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