Local Visibility X-Ray

Does this sound like your struggle to get in front of more local customers?

You have a Google+ Local page (AKA Google Places page) and a website.

You have people who can tune up your Google page and your website.

You have people who can list your business on business directories (like Yelp).  You may even have customers who will write you great reviews.

Good local rankings still elude you. You don’t know what to do next.

That’s where I can help, with my Local Visibility X-Ray service.

What’s an “X-Ray”?

It’s similar to what some people call a “local SEO audit.”

But “audit” doesn’t really convey the fact that you’re getting my trained set of eyes to look at your business’s entire local presence.

In an X-Ray I do a complete behind-the-scenes analysis of your local-search efforts. (And I mean I do the analysis – not some cheapo “free scan” tool.)

I don’t just look at arm’s length. I personally crawl around in the guts of your Google page, your other business listings, and your website.  What I find usually isn’t pretty.

After I hose off my rubber boots and scrub down, we get to the good part: I send you a write-up that shows you exactly what you need to do in order to get more visible to local customers.

Why get an X-Ray?

I’ll lay out all the steps that I’d do for you if you chose my Done-for-You service.  The only difference is who’s handling the implementation.

With the X-Ray, I’m showing you exactly what to do, but you’re not having me do it for you.  It’s probably just right for you if you’re in one of these situations:

(1) If you’ve already done a good amount of work on your local visibility, but don’t feel it’s “clicked.”

(2) Or if you’re a hands-on, do-it-yourselfer type.

(3) Or if your current team can do pretty much anything you’d need done – if they have direction.

I’ll tell you the “what” and the “how.”  Then you can implement my suggestions as soon as you’d like.

Here are the specific areas I look at and help you strengthen:

  • I look at your Google+ Local page.  I sniff out any problem areas – like where Google may be penalizing you.  I also find areas of your page that you may need to rework.  It’s easy to make changes to your Google page, but it’s even easier to make a mistake.
  • I look at your website.  I first check to make sure your site isn’t breaking or bending any of Google’s written or unwritten rules.  Then I note down all the on-site tune-ups you need to make in order to be local-search-friendly.
  • I check where and how your business is listed on third-party sites.  That is, I check the major “data-providers” and the most-important “citation sources” (like Yelp, InsiderPages, etc.) to see where you need to be listed or in what specific ways your listings on these sites need to be fixed.  I also research industry-specific sites that you should be listed on.  All told, I usually look at 35-45 different directories – which would take you a while to do if you don’t know which ones to look at or exactly what to look for once you’re there.
  • I look at how you’re doing for customer reviews – where you have them, where you don’t, where to focus your efforts, and the best strategies for getting more reviews. (I might even throw in one of my review handoutssssshh.)

That’s what goes into my comprehensive analysis.  The finished product is a write-up that lays out every item you need to implement, and that shows you specifically how to implement each suggestion.

It’s all business – usually 8-10 pages long, with plenty of pictures that show exactly what I’m talking about. If past experience is any indicator, I’ll probably have around 25 suggestions for you.

That’s not even counting the citations audit, which is in a separate spreadsheet that I’ll also send you.

You’re getting lean meat, not flab and white bread.

I prefer not to waste your time or mine with fluff like ranking reports, a boring “introduction,” or some condescending explanation of why local search matters.  I get right to the point – to show you immediately the specific steps you’ll need to follow.

“I hired Phil to do a ‘Local Visibility X-Ray’ for my law practice. There are many companies making many claims but Phil is the real deal and delivers results. You will be glad you hired him!”
E. Lindsay Blanks, Esq., Charleston, SC—E. Lindsay Blanks, Esq., E. Lindsay Blanks, PA, Charleston, SC
#1 in Charleston for “lawyer”

One X-Ray Goes a Long Way

An X-Ray also benefits you in ways you might not have expected:

  • Some of my suggestions may help your organic rankings in Google.  Many of my suggestions will be for your website – how to tune it up for better local rankings.  But there’s a good deal of overlap between what helps your Google+ Local rankings and what helps your organic rankings.
  • My suggestions can also help the visibility of other business locations you might have.  For instance, if my X-Ray shows you how to optimize one of your Google local listings more effectively, you’ll probably be able to tune up any other Google listings you might have in the same way.  Plus, if you’re using the same website for multiple Google+ Local pages , any tune-ups to your site may help the rankings of all the Google+ Local pages connected with it.
  • You instantly gain know-how in getting businesses more visible in local search.  As opposed to some “course” or abstract tutorial that doesn’t deal with the real-world hurdles that lie between you and local customers today.  You can take the knowledge you get from the X-Ray and use it to give a visibility boost to any other businesses that you, or family members, or friends, or employees, might own.

I look at your entire local-search situation personally, and tailor all my suggestions to your business. Nothing canned, no “free scans” that I slap my name on, and no generic advice.

“Give me the bad news first, Doc”

If you need more local visibility and you have the human resources to do the work, but you don’t have a plan yet…well, then I’m guessing you just need to get your hands on a plan.

The fast way to accomplish this is to get the “what” and the “how” laid out in front of you. Of course, it will take work to fix everything that needs to be fixed. But then your local rankings will be on the mend.

Leave sickbay today

An X-Ray is a one-time investment of just $600 for one business location.
(If you’ve got a multi-location business, contact me and I can probably give you a deal on multiple locations.)

To start getting more visibility to local customers now, just click the Paypal button:

To Your Success, Locally and Everywhere!

Phil Rozek


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