Google Review Filter Fail

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People’s exhibit “A”:

Yes, I can see that the review is from 4 years ago, and apparently has been grandfathered in.  (Though, as I recall, even 4 years ago Google had some way to filter reviews.)

Maybe the review is from a legit (but clueless) customer.  Or from a guy who fell asleep on his keyboard and held down CTRL+V with his nose.

Still, in light of Google’s egregious mishandling of reviews, this is the sort of thing that makes you wish Google would just stop taking wild stabs at review-QC and just leave it to potential customers – humans – to make up their own minds.


  1. Phil:

    It sounds like it’s a very good language school…lol. Good find…and a great example of just how messed up Google local is these days.

    Travis Van Slooten

    • You thought it sounded like a very good language school? Wow, that’s funny, because I thought it sounded like a very good language school, too. We don’t have nearly enough very good language schools these days. 🙂

  2. Ha, right so it looks like they like the place then. It’s nice that they gave lots of varied useful information.

    Yes, this post sums up many truths about Google – For lots of small businesses, it’s a case of jumping through hoops to get a consistent flow of reviews that stay in place, but this is trashed by cases like this. This is the real sort of thing they should be getting rid of.

    • Thanks for weighing in, Nick!

      I agree completely. It’s hard for business owners to “be patient” while Google tries to figure out which reviews to keep versus which to chuck when this sort of thing remains untouched…for four years.

      On the one hand, from Google’s perspective, so what if business owners are getting screwed by the reviews system. On the other hand, if they don’t figure this out or re-loosen the filters a little bit, Google’s role in the reviews arena will get smaller while Yelp’s will keep getting bigger. All the promotion of Google Plus will have been a waste if people conclude that the reviews they find there aren’t so good after all.

      As the Japanese proverb has it, “The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.”


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