3rd Edition of Free Guide to Effective Local SEO

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It’s been 3 years since I released the 2nd edition of my free guide to local SEO.

Much has changed in Google and in the rest of the local-search “ecosystem” since then.  Edition 2 still can help you, but it’s developed a casu marzu -like crust.

I’ve finally come out with the 3rd edition.  It’s the clearest guide to local-search success you can get.  It will help you whether you’re new to local SEO or have done it for years.

Whereas the 2nd edition was an evolution from the 1st (from 2011), the 3rd edition is a different beast.  Some differences:

  • It’s one page.  Down from 58 pages.  (There is also a page of notes – optional.)  It’s even easier to get through and to act on.  You’ll know right away where your local SEO effort is dragging.
  • I don’t make you slog through any detail you don’t need or want. The steps should be clear to you right on that single page, but I don’t know which steps you’ll need more vs. less help on.  That’s why I often refer to blog posts that provide detail on a specific step.  (I wrote 154 posts between the 2nd and 3rd editions.  You probably don’t want to read all of those.)
  • You get the resources my helpers and I use to help clients: my comprehensive site audit checklist, our citation-building worksheet, a list of doable link opportunities, and more.
  • My advice is 100% up-to-date. It takes into account Google updates like Pigeon (2014) and Possum (2016), the local citation sources that matter today, the review sites that matter today, and much more.
  • I plan to keep the free guide updated real-time. There may not be a 4th edition as such, but rather continual tune-ups to this edition, as local search continues to evolve.

Enough throat-clearing.  You can access the free guide right here:

(If you’re reading this on mobile, you’re probably wondering where my opt-in form is.  Long story.  Just scroll down and click the link in the footer.)

Let me know how you like it!


  1. Phil – Wow. Your new guide is revolutionary, not evolutionary. You’ve presented a whole new way to present this information and given me a new way to think about it and research what I need at any given time. It took some courage to go from 50+ pages to one!! Great job. Well done. I’m excited to dig into it. Thanks for sharing this great resource.

  2. avatar Bill Thomas says

    Great work, Phil! Clear, compact, simple, and completely accurate. Immediately useful. Clever how you’ve designed it to be an evergreen resource. I truly thank you … you always over deliver!

  3. Excellent guide, Phil. It is so cool how you’ve distilled this down into a single page of common sense, powerful recommendations. BTW, it was a nice surprise to see your mention of Moz Local in it. An honor!

  4. Great resource Phil – and so nice to wrap it into 1 page!

    We’ll share internally & externally.

    Thanks for including links to BrightLocal also 🙂

  5. Once again Great Work Phil….

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