Local SEO Hotseat: My Talk at the Worcester Web Marketers Meet-up

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Just wanted to share my presentation from last night’s gathering of the Worcester Web Marketers group. Here you are, Gentle Reader:

Thanks to Anthony Fors of Absolute Clean for volunteering for the “hotseat,” to Ted Ives and everyone else for the great questions and conversation, and most of all to Dan Shure for putting on an awesome event.

I hope you’ll come to the next one if you’re in Massachusetts in March / April.

Any questions or thoughts on the “hotseat”?  Leave a comment!


  1. avatar Jeff Wilson says

    Quite a useful talk. Too bad there wasn’t time to also review the Armsby Abbey case.

    I gather from looking at the source of the Armsby Abbey site that the criticism of the title tag is its including contact information that ought not be in such a tag. Does that merely result in an ugly search result, or does it also confuse Google and so potentially depress search rank?

    Phil please note for your possible future use: Several of the Hotseat #2 slides were headlined as Hotseat #1.

    • Thanks, Jeff. It was great seeing you there.

      Yeah, I wish I didn’t go on quite so long on Hotseat #1. Armsby Abbey is a very different case.

      My issue with their (homepage) title tag is it doesn’t make the most of limited space. It mentions how to contact them, but not really what they offer (craft beer, wine, cheese, etc.). That’s better for Google, and tells people more.

      Thanks for the good catch on the mislabeling. Oops.

  2. Considering doing a meetup such as this. How was it? Do you do it often? I’d imagine it is a good opportunity to network and build up your authority; assuming it is well attended.

    • Hey Tyson. Dan Shure is the guy to talk to about what’s involved in starting a local meetup like this one. WWM isn’t a big group – yet. But the people who are there really want to be there. I think it’s a great resource, and I’ll definitely sit in on future ones.

      Anyway, it would definitely be a good thing to have in your area.

  3. Hi Phil,

    You truly have a talent for bringing local SEO back down to earth.

    I love how you can always see the forest for the trees!

    Great presentation.


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