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Note: In a Mastermind session I can help with many COVID-19-related challenges, including how to roll out an online offering, how to get your online service more visible, how to adjust your current local SEO effort, and how to set yourself up for a strong return once things are more “normal” again. In recent months I’ve helped save a few businesses and have helped others get beyond where they were pre-COVID. As always, I’m glad to offer some pro bono for veterans.


An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. – Niels Bohr, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

I bet I’ve made more mistakes than you have. So there!

If you’d like me to hang on to that dubious distinction – and if you’d like to shorten the distance between you and better local rankings and more customers – then you and I should talk.

We’ll schedule a time to get on the phone and kill your local-visibility challenges. You’ll get the benefits of my experience without stepping on all the landmines.

What kinds of challenges can I help with?

  • “I’ve tried everything, but my Google rankings are still in the doghouse.
    What am I missing?”
  • “I think my current SEO person isn’t doing the right stuff.”
  • “I’m building a new site and don’t want to lose my rankings.”
  • “Reviews have been so tough to get…how can I start racking them up?”
  • “Rankings are solid and I want to keep them that way.  What else can I do?”
  • “My rankings are OK, but why am I not getting more customers?”
  • “What can I do about competitors who are spamming Google Maps?”
  • “I’m overwhelmed by local search. Where do I start?”

Those are just some of the challenges I can help you solve over the phone. Even if your problem isn’t on the list, bring it on.

We’ll focus on your concerns and questions, but I’ll have some diagnostic questions for you. (This post will give you a sense of the kinds of questions I might ask.)


Helps Prioritize
“Phil was great to work with. He has you fill out a form beforehand so that you don’t have to waste time (i.e., money) giving him factual info about yourself. He then gets on the call and starts to ask questions about my online and physical presence. Deep questions. I mean really good questions. He has a purpose for asking those questions. This is certainly not his first rodeo. We uncovered a rock and let me know what the problem was. Awesome.He then went through a series of suggested things to work on. Better yet, he prioritizes the list. Who has all the time in the world to do everything? No one. He tells you what the low hanging fruit is and tells you to get that done and why that will help you.

One last thing. He is super honest. If he doesn’t feel something is good for you, he will let you know. It is very difficult to find a guy like this.”
—James Yang, Esq., OC Patent Lawyer, Irvine, CA



Excellent Insight
“Phil is extremely knowledgeable and provided some excellent insight in how to improve our local ranking. Great service and very responsive. I will call on him again and you should too.”
—Frank Narmer John, Owner, Washington Appraisal, Washington, DC



Go-to Expert
“Phil from Local Visibility System is very knowledgeable about SEO and local visibility ranking. He is my firm’s go to expert on this subject area. I recommend you talk with Phil first before you throw you money away hiring an under qualified company to blindly run your marketing.”
—Chadwick Kaehne, Esq., Kaehne, Cottle, Pasquale & Associates, S.C., Appleton, WI



Thinks from All Angles
“Phil is the real deal. He knows what he’s talking about and thinks about your business’s unique needs from all angles. On top of that, he went above and beyond in each contact. We will continue to consult with him in the future. It’s one of the best investments a business can make.”
—Dominic DeStefano, City Strings & Piano



Timely Suggestions We Hadn’t Thought of
“We are an internet driven law firm that has, from time to time, had to deal with questions regarding new Google algorithms and revised Google Guidelines. When that occurs we go to Phil Rozek for GMB and Google local problems and questions that our team cannot not confidently decide the right way to go. Phil’s consultations have been excellent. He always immediately understands our problem, reviews our sites and is a quick study as to the nuances of our business model. He can therefore provide us with excellent recommendations for us to deal successfully with Google and proceed in a compliant manner. He is an excellent pair of extra ears and eyes on one’s operation and provides timely suggestions that we hadn’t thought of. We always implement his suggestions to bolster our Google status. I highly recommend Phil. He is well worth the cost.”
—Jeffrey Nadrich, Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, Los Angeles & Orange County, CA



Best Money We’ve Spent
“As a small business owner, we have to manage every dollar and ensure that we get the best return rate on that dollar. We hired Phil for a two hour session. His suggestions have increased our return on investment (ROI), we see an increase in customers coming to the our site, our mobile presence has increased and we are gaining more google reviews. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to any company. The best money Celebrate It Balloons has spent.”
—Tim Roberts, Celebrate It! Balloons & Gifts, Lewisville, TX



Phil Held Nothing Back
“As a small business owner I watch every dollar I spend…. you know ROI, etc. The small investment it took to get Phil on the phone for an hour is one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made. Phil held nothing back. He answered every question I had about the challenges of local SEO. In a universe filled with “experts”, Phil really is one. Thanks to his experience, skill and candor, I have all the tools I need – not to mention a renewed confidence – to do great work for my clients. Thanks Phil. I’ll be calling you again.”
—Marvin Kane, Owner, Kaneworks, Inc., Salem, MA



Doable Ideas and Suggestions
“Phil Rozek is the Local SEO/online visibility expert I should have found years ago when I started working on my online marketing. After many disasters with so called SEO gurus my site’s rankings actually dropped. While I was VERY skeptical about yet another SEO expert I contacted Phil, out of desperation. The first thing he did was the site audit. He gave me a number of real, doable ideas and suggestions. I completed most and my site came back to life within a month. He is simply the most honest AND knowledgeable local online visibility expert I know. Why? * He answers all my emails with details without trying to sell me some package. * He gives actionable tasks with explanations that do help * He sends me other experts’ contacts when he cannot answer specific questions. * He demystified many, many issues for me over the last few years. * He encourages to do things myself instead of paying out to some SEO agencies. Who else does that? Thank you Phil you changed my small business.”
—Simon Muhl, Owner, Atlantis Spa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Valuable and Insightful
“Since we are a full service internet marketing agency, I like to pull in experts from various disciplines. We recently did a Mastermind session with Phil to review our Local SEO efforts. I found our time to be valuable and insightful. I consider Phil to be in the top handful of Local SEO experts.”
—Bill Crawford, Rainmaker Internet Marketing, Wheaton, IL



Where I Go for Answers
“I am an expert in the field of Local SEO, and advise clients all day about how to rank in local search. But when I have questions on complex technical issues, or questions on how to develop a strategy for a large client, Phil is the guy I go to for answers. I often take advantage of his Mastermind sessions and am always satisfied with the results. Phil comes prepared, provides competent and thorough advice, and helps my business be more successful. Highly recommended!”
—Jeff Bridges, PMP® Webutation, Roswell, GA


What should you expect on the call?

We’ll get most of the “who, what, when” out of the way beforehand, if you fill out my questionnaire and zap it to me.

During the call, I’ll ask a few diagnostic questions and give you my suggestions. You won’t need to do anything else to get a clear action plan. You can sit back and take notes – or just sit back and have me send you my notes.


Money Well Spent
“After signing up to receive Phil’s emails, I began paying close attention to his suggestions. I soon discovered that he was a very helpful and intelligent professional. I eventually decided to register for one of his one-on-one mastermind sessions. I am so glad that I did. I learned plenty. Phil takes genuine interest in your unique situation and he gives cogent feedback. Phil is very articulate and very knowledgeable. Anyone that is looking for real help with their local visibility needs should hire Phil and/or register for at least one of his mastermind sessions. It will be money well spent. I will certainly register for more sessions, as they are very helpful.”
—Jacob Regar, Esq., Jacob Regar Law, Encino, CA


Next step

My rate is $210 an hour. If you think that’s a better use of your resources than trial-and-error, click the Paypal button and let’s schedule a time to talk:

Phil Rozek


Keeps Me Motivated
“Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the time yesterday – I learned a bunch! Working at home alone gets lonely sometimes and having the opportunity to bounce ideas off a fellow SEO helps to keep me motivated.”
—Matt Hagens, Hagens Marketing, Coopersburg, PA



An Hour a Year
“My time with you – even only an hour last year and an hour this year – has been a wise investment. I plan on a mastermind session with you each year to hone my craft. Thank you.”
—Branan Ward, Ward Media Group, St. Augustine, FL



Smart Investment
“Getting Phil’s advice for achieving optimal SEO for my local business was a smart investment. He analyzed by business first through a questionnaire as well as by viewing my website and Google+ page. We had a productive interactive discussion about SEO strategies that he followed up with a bulleted to-do list for me to address. I look forward to checking in with him in six months to re-assess how well my business is doing. Thanks, Phil!”
—Lynda Spiegel, Rising Star Resumes, New York, NY



“One of the toughest decisions I had to make when starting my online marketing business over 5 years ago was which ‘gurus’ to trust. There are hundreds of self-proclaimed ‘experts’ out there. After 5 years of in depth study, testing and results, I can attest that Phil is one of the dozen or so ‘True Gurus’ for local businesses. Phil’s results-based thinking and consumer-focused systems have truly won my upmost respect as a local SEO specialist.”
—Scott L. Smith, We’ve Got Your Customers, Tampa, FL



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