The 3-Site Review Handout for Yelp, Google, and Facebook Reviews

You hate Yelp’s review filter but want more customers to review you there.  Every time happy customers speak up, their reviews go poof.  It hurts.

You need more Google reviews, but some customers don’t like Google and don’t want a Google account, or find Google reviews confusing.

You also want reviews on other sites.  You don’t want all your eggs in the Google and Yelp baskets, and because diversity of reviews seems to help your rankings.

Your customers are happy to review you.  But your request must be simple and quick.

So what do you ask customers to do?  Give them a single page.

I call it the “zigzag” review handout. I coined the term for my SMX West presentation on the strategy.  Other people have since written about it.  We covered it on a webinar.  Several of my clients have used the “zigzag” strategy.

How the “zigzag” review handout works

One word: choice.

You’re letting customers take the path of least resistance.  You’re not pushing them toward a specific review site.  That benefits you in a few ways:

Benefit 1: You won’t be fighting the filters on Yelp.  The main reason Yelp reviews get filtered is business owners ask customers who aren’t already active reviewers to review them.

But those inactive reviewers are a red flag.  If you’re Yelp’s dumb old filter, wouldn’t it look odd if a customer signs up for Yelp, drops a 5-star review of a business, and never comes back to review anyone else?

Most of your customers probably aren’t active Yelpers.  That’s OK.  It’s better to ask those people to review you somewhere else than to have their reviews get filtered.  My review handout shows customers that you’re on Yelp.  If they’re active Yelpers, they’ll probably want to review you.

Benefit 2: You won’t fight Google’s review filter, either.  Google’s filter isn’t nearly as bad as Yelp’s (although it once was).  But if you send too many customers there at once, their reviews probably won’t stick.  My review handout let’s them self-select and spread themselves out a little.

Benefit 3: You’re making it real easy for some customers, by giving customers a third choice: Facebook.  So many people are on Facebook, and Facebook makes it simple to post a review.

Benefit 4: You aren’t frustrating your customers.  You’re letting them pick where they’d like to review you.  But you’re not giving them so many choices that they freeze up, and you’re offering quick instructions if they need them.

Benefit 5: You’ll learn which sites your customers gravitate towards.  Over time, you’ll find out which sites they think are the easiest.  That can help you rack up even more reviews at those places.

The best place to get a review just depends on the customer.  You can get their natural preferences working for you or against you.  It comes down to how you ask.

You can get you review handout right now.  It’s a PDF.  You can print it or email it to your customers (or do both, ideally).

I’ll customize it to your business so that it shows customers how to find your listings, where they can review you.  I’ll add your logo, too.

More reviews, less hassle – $20

Try it out for your business.  It’s only $20.  Just click the Paypal button and I’ll custom-make yours today:

(Be sure to check the email you use for Paypal – and its “junk” folder.)

My One-Year, 100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

Your review handout: 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a full yearYou have a full 365 days to see how your zigzag review handout helps you get more reviews.  You’ll be delighted, or you can contact me at any time for your money back.

To Your Success, Locally and Everywhere!

Phil Rozek

Great Product and Quick Turnaround
“I highly recommend Phil and the personalized ‘3-Site Review Handout’. Phil goes the extra mile to ensure that his customers’ special requests and needs are fulfilled, and produces a great product with a remarkably quick turnaround time.”
—Stephen P. Shepard, Esq.
The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC, Towson, MD

Makes Explanation Easy
“Not everyone is tech savvy when it comes to being online and online reviews are a necessity when involved in a competitive market. Phil has gone above and beyond to ensure our organization has an easy way to explain to patients how to write reviews. My company has been using Phil’s services for years and although I’m new to the organization, I know who to go to when it comes to this matter.”
—Christopher Llanes
Dr. Ken Cirka, DMD, Philadelphia, PA

All Our Clients Want One
“Phil’s Zig-Zag Review Handout has worked great for our local clients. They love how simple it is for them to show their happy customers how to leave positive online feedback. We started testing with 1 company and within two weeks all our other clients wanted one too. Highly recommend. Thanks Phil.“P.S. The content on the blog isn’t too bad either ;)”
—Brice Gump, Dallas, TX


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