How to Get More Google Reviews from Your Customers

The Best Way to Get Google Local Reviews – Guaranteed:
Clear Step-by-Step Instructions for Your Reviewers

Need Google reviews?

Have you struggled to get more “Google reviews” – in a way that’s quick and easy for customers and for you?

You’re smart.  Customer reviews matter to your local rankings.  I’ve found that the average #1 ranking has 33% more customer reviews than the average #7.

Google reviews matter even more than reviews on other sites (like Yelp). Everyone sees them. They also can generate more clicks from customers.  Those golden stars catch their eyes.

Reviews become even more important when people Google your company by name. They’re your leads to lose: They’re thinking hard about taking the next step (visiting your site, calling you, etc.). That’s the time to impress those people.

Not having reviews is not a wise option.

When potential customers see you in Google’s local search results, they’ll only see the number of Google reviews you have, and your average “star” rating.
 Google reviews POP
Doesn’t matter if you have 70 reviews on Yelp and 200 on Facebook. If you have no Google reviews, it will appear as though you have no reviews at all.  They’re less likely to consider you, and more likely to check out your competitors.

Your competitors also have a better chance of outranking you if they have more Google reviews, even if those reviews stink and their customers hate them.

Problem: how to get Google reviews easily

You know Google reviews are crucial to your local rankings and reputation.  But you don’t have an easy way to encourage customers to review you.

If you’ve ever tried explaining to customers how to create a free Google account (which is required), how to find your Google page, and how to post a review, you know what a pain all this explaining can be.

(Oh, and you’d have to do all of that in just a couple of minutes, or your customers will tune out. It’ll be 8th-grade algebra class all over again.)

You find it frustrating and time-consuming.

Your customers get confused.

And you end up with no reviews and a phone that doesn’t ring.

I know your pain, because my early clients went through it. They didn’t have clear instructions to give customers.

They’d spend time walking every customer through Google’s hoops. They’d need to be patient as oysters and not seem frustrated when a customer didn’t “get it.” Maybe they’d end up with a review – if they were lucky and if their customer didn’t give up first.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Solution: clear instructions for your customers

Getting Google reviews doesn’t have to be hard for you, or for your customers. You just need a system that makes it easy for you to ask your customers, and that makes it easy for them to write you reviews.

Click to enlarge

(Click to see full-size example PDF)

I can make a one-page handout you can give your customers, which…

  • Shows them how to set up or log into their Google account;
  • Shows them exactly where to find your Google page; and
  • Walks them through how to post a review – so you don’t have to walk them through it every time.

You can print out the PDF or email it to them (or both). The best way to use the review handout is like a business card: something you routinely give most customers without even thinking about it.

All your customers need to do is follow the steps.

You’ll get more Google reviews coming in – and most likely better Google local rankings that push those reviews up and in front of more local customers.

The easiest way to get more Google reviews
– guaranteed

Mentioned on - click to read (about halfway down page)If you need more customer reviews but don’t want to spend all your time walking each customer through the process, you can order my one-page handout securely through Paypal right now.  It’s just $20. What’s your online reputation worth to you?

Please check out the example PDF – above – if you haven’t seen it already. That’s what you’ll receive (customized to your business, of course). Note: I do not sell reviews, and I hope you aren’t trying to buy reviews, which is illegal and unethical. Rather, I provide instructions that show your customers how to write a Google review of your business quickly and easily.

Click the Paypal button below to start getting more Google reviews and better local visibility right now.

After you’ve ordered, I’ll email you to ask you the name of your business and where it’s located, so I can customize your handout. Please check your “junk” folder and the email address you use for Paypal.
Otherwise I’ll have no way to reach you, and you won’t get your review handout.

After we’ve touched base, I’ll be able to make your review handout and will email it to you as a PDF – ready to hand to or email to your customers.

“Best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.”
—Dr. Todd G. Pollack
Todd G. Pollack, DMD, Nashua, NH

(47 Google reviews and counting)

“Your providing that brochure for me, and for only twenty dollars, is one of the best things that has ever happened for my optometric practice.”
—Dr. Peter Anderson
Advanced Eyecare Center, Levittown, PA

(33 Google reviews and counting)

“I love the Google Places handout. It’s not easy to get clients to write reviews, even when they are happy with our service. The handout serves 2 purposes: a tangible reminder as well as a friendly tool to make it easier for my clients to leave me reviews.”
—Michael Mandis, CRMS
Alliance Mortgage Funding, Inc., Cockeysville, MD

(111 Google reviews and counting)

(By the way, just contact me if you’d like to own my master template. It’s most economical if you have many locations or clients.)

How my handout makes it easy to rack up
more Google reviews:

  • It’s fast and foolproof.  The handout is a single page with 4 steps, complete with pictures. It walks customers step-by-step through the review process.  
    No frustration or guesswork for them – or for you.

Increased Our Reviews Exponentially
“Phil is fantastic. Before we had few google+ reviews, but with his
assistance, we have increased our reviews exponentially. He is easy to work with and assisted us greatly.”

—Dan Kalish, Esq.
HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, Seattle, WA

(44 Google reviews and counting)

Works Even Better Than I Expected
“The review handout works even better than I expected. From 8 reviews to 14 in 2 weeks.”
—Michael Baker
Ambiance Pool Service, Tucson, AZ

(139 Google reviews and counting)

Helps Get Our Phones Ringing
“It’s helped our business gain reviews we couldn’t get before. Reviews are essential to our internet search exposure, and with the help of Phil’s Google Plus review handout, our phones are constantly ringing. Many of our customers are not familiar with the review submitting process, and with the Google Review handout, it makes it easy for everyone.”
—Larry Ralph
Indiana Crawl Space Repair, Martinsville, IN

(24 Google reviews and counting)

  • It’s tried and true. It’s been field-tested by my clients, who give it to their customers and get Google reviews in return.  Several thousand others have field-tested the review handout: I’ve created them for business owners in all 50 US states, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, 7 Canadian provinces, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and the UK.  This simple tool has worked for businesses in 6 of the 7 continents on Earth (haven’t sold a review handout to anyone in Antarctica…yet).

“I’m loving my Google review handout you did – thanks a ton.”
—Dr. Richard Crosby
Richard Crosby, DDS, Anchorage, AK

(49 Google reviews and counting)

Instant Home Run
“I had created several handouts to give my clients, that they in turn would give to their customers to walk them through the review process, but the ‘Google Review Handout’ I bought from Phil was an instant home run, my clients love it because it saves them time and they get more reviews.”
—Bill Enross
Bill Enross Internet Marketing, Foxboro, MA

Great for Businesses in South Africa
“I have over 16 years experience when it comes to internet services overall. Specialising in Inbound and Paid Marketing (SEO – SEM mostly) the past 5 – 7 years. I can truly say that this Google+ Local handout by Phil is awesome and the best idea so far especially for businesses listed on Google+ Local in the South Africa market. Consumers here are not that skilled to even know how to do such a review much less even have a Google Account.”
—Dewaldt Huysamen
President, iLeadOnline;
Minister, U-CAN (United Christians Against Narcotics), Johannesburg, South Africa

  • It can work in your industry. I’ve made handouts for businesses in every industry you can shake a stick at, from accounting to zorbing.

Clear & Concise
“With Google’s ‘Plus’ account requirements for clients who want to leave reviews, it’s critical to give clear, concise instructions on how to leave a review. Phil’s how-to sheet has given our clients just that info.”
—Lindsay Polyak
Dana McGuffin CPA, P.C., Southlake, TX

(21 Google reviews and counting)

Started with Unhappy Reviews
“We’ve used Phil’s Google Review handout quite successfully. It was just what we were looking for. An easy, descriptive, visual guide to posting a review that doesn’t leave anything out. We started with only a few old unhappy reviews and now we’ve got positive reviews going up every week.”
—Andrew Lindholm
Tim’s Quality Plumbing, Maple Grove, MN

(100 Google reviews and counting)

  • It’s in a simple, universal format: PDF.  You can easily print it, and you can email it to customers knowing they’ll be able to open it.
  • The steps work on any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Excellent Feedback from Clients
“We struggled for a long time asking our clients to post reviews with no real results. Of course, we got a few reviews, however, most people did not post them as they found it too difficult. When I saw Phil’s handouts, I decided to try them only for Google reviews and we got excellent feedback from our clients about how easy it is to post the reviews with these instructions. We give customers these instructions printed on paper and also email them as .pdf files. It is working just great!”
—Olga Pomeransky
Best for Bride, Barrie, Etobicoke, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(209, 582, and 242 Google reviews, respectively)

Practical, Logical, & Easy to Follow
“The Google review handout is practical, logical and easy to follow for anyone. I found it useful to be able to leave clients with the handout knowing that I just maximised my chances of being left a positive review.”
—Alex Worth
Clear Web Marketing, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

“Getting clients to write a review is tough. Either they’ll forget to do so, get intimidated by the whole process of signing up, or they just forget. Having Phil’s system at your disposal simplifies this process – it’s convenient and easy to understand. Plus, it helps give you a competitive edge over your competitors.”
—Bert Levi
Bert Levi Family Jewelers, San Diego, CA

(115 Google reviews and counting)

Crystal-Clear & Indispensable for Getting Reviews
“I’ve purchased all of Phil’s ‘Google review’ materials, and they’re outstanding. Crystal-clear organisation, easy for my clients to give their customers & easy for customers to follow. Indispensable tools for getting Google Places reviews.”
—Mark Watts
SEOManchester, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, UK

  • You won’t waste time explaining. Just hand copies to your customers.

Keeping It Simple
“Phil really did a superb job on this Google review handout. He took a way too complicated process and simplified it.”
—Jason Pedersen
The Boss SEO, Heber City, UT

  • Or you can email it to customers.  The PDF is easy to open, read, and follow.

Even Tech-Challenged Customers Understand It
“As a marketing consultant for small-med businesses, I’m always looking for the best ROI for my clients. Phil’s PDF review handouts are cost-effective and easy for customers to understand. Even the most tech-challenged customers understand Phil’s review handouts.”
—Danica Hoppe
White Hat Marketing, Perth, Australia

Even Works in a Text Message
“In the past I tried explaining and even emailing instructions, but nothing has worked as well and been so well received by patients as this graphic handout. My colleague even took a snapshot and texts it to some younger patients who will only look at a text message! We now have the most reviews of all the sites that come up in our local results page.”
—Dorothy Wells, AP
Holistic Primary Care, Miami Beach, FL

(74 Google reviews and counting)

  • It’s custom-tailored to your business.  (That’s why once you order the handout, I’ll need to know the name of your business and where it’s located.)

Great Simple System for Clients to Use
“Before we started using Phil’s Google reviews handout, it was very difficult and time consuming to put a system in place for acquiring reviews. The review handouts make it very simple indeed. Now, we simply give clients a customised form (which impresses them!) and the system is in place to acquire new reviews from their customers.”
—Nicholas Pratt
SEO Spark, Nottingham, UK

  • I can make tweaks to the handout.  I’ll send you a proof copy.

Phil Takes the Time to Get It Right
“I really liked the Google review handout as soon as I received it, but I also wanted Phil to make a couple of minor tweaks and customizations to it. Not only did he make the adjustments, but he did it fast, within an hour or two. Phil paid attention to detail so that I didn’t have to – and took the time to get the handout exactly the way I wanted it.”
—Jay Dunbar
Raleigh Wi-Fi Marketing, Raleigh, NC

Works in Germany
“Phil is a highly acclaimed Local SEO expert here in Germany and so I contacted him for his Google+ Handout for Reviews. After translation my clients and their clients love it and most importantly the reviews are flying in. I highly recommend his work.”
—Daniel Papcke
ConsultD, Sarstedt, Germany

My Clients Love These
“I found Phil’s review handouts and purchased the Publisher template right away so that I could brand it for each client I work with. I immediately put them to good use by incorporating them into my clients’ local marketing strategies, which helped increase reviews and business for each client. Having the ability to hand out a simple step by step document that requires zero training is a home run in my opinion.”
—Brandon Swenson
Utah SEO Pros, Salt Lake City, UT

Tiny Investment, Big Results
“I just started using the Google review fliers from Phil and they are great. Our clients have been very receptive to them and the directions are so easy for them to follow. Phil has also been extremely helpful and fast to respond if I had any questions. I definitely recommend using this small idea that creates big results. Well worth the tiny investment. Thanks!”
—Bob Piesco
New Image Hair Salon, West Bridgewater, MA

(34 Google reviews and counting)

Fast & Easy for Customers
“We love the review handout. When I ordered it, I was impressed with the fast turnaround – I clicked the Paypal button and received the review handout customized with our client’s information right away.  The review handout is a great way to ask your customers for reviews and makes the process easy so that they will actually go and do it.  Thanks Phil!”
—Susan Walsh
elSue, Holliston, MA

Look Like a Hero
“I have a client that I promised I would help create a review management process for. Getting reviews was a big part of the contract because, even though they had a thriving dental practice, they only had two reviews. Just as I was starting to get to work I came across Phil’s Local Visibility System website and saw the one-page Handout for Google Reviews. The handout wraps the whole process of posting reviews into a nice little easy-to-follow package. Phil has knocked it out of the park. At first I was a little leery of the $20 price tag for a one page document, but I couldn’t have come up with anything this good if I had spent two days on it….Magic. Thanks Phil. You saved me a ton of work and now I look like a hero to my client.”
—Paul Stevens
Bootstrap Local Marketing, Hastings, Ontario, Canada

A Real Client-Pleaser
Wow, Phil’s handout made me look like a champ to my client! We all know how important Google reviews are and the his handout makes it super easy for anyone to follow. I will definitely be picking up some more.”
—Matt Hagens
Hagens Marketing, Scotch Plains, NJ

My One-Year, 100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Google-review handout: 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a full yearMy guarantee is simple: you have 365 days – that’s right, an entire year – to see how you like your review handout.  Your customers must find it easy to use, and you must be satisfied with the reviews it helps bring in, or I’ll give you a full refund upon request, no questions asked.

Superb Customer Service
“Phil provides superb customer service, and $20 is a small price to pay for the Google Review handout, which is clear, attractive and well-written. It has saved us a lot of effort and it makes it quick and easy for customers to write a review.”
—Gary Lawver
Skagit Powersports, Burlington, WA

(133 Google reviews and counting)

Received within Hours
“I received Phil’s fully customized and branded review handout guide within a few hours. The document looks professional and well laid out. A great idea for engaging our customers to help our local listing.”
—Matt Fuller, Brisbane, Australia

(184 Google reviews and counting)

Spot-on Service
“Thanks for the Google review system. Works brilliantly and your service was spot on. I’ve forwarded your details to other people I think would benefit.”
—Roger Foxwell
Roger Foxwell Hypnotherapy, Glasgow, UK

(8 Google reviews and counting)

Top-Notch Customer Support
“I spent many hours trying to write my own instructions for my clients on how to submit a Google review. Fortunately I found Phil’s website and purchased his product. My Google reviews took right off. Phil saved me countless hours of aggravation and frustration. I can also attest to his company’s top notch customer support on a personal level. Local Visibility System has a great product at a very reasonable price. Thank you Phil!”
—Brian Blaney
Red Carpet Floor Care, Burlington, KY

(13 Google reviews and counting)

What parts of the handout are customized?

  • A header that asks your customers to write a review for your business.
  • The specific words customers must type into Google to find you immediately.
  • Your contact info (like your phone and website address).
  • Your logo.

(Click here to see an example.)


Guides Customers Seamlessly
“As the sole proprietor of an SEO company, I’m always looking for ways to save time and work more efficiently. Phil at LocalVisibilitySystem provides me with a great time-saving solution: the handout for Google Places reviews. It’s a simple infographic consisting of custom screen shots accompanied by simple instructions, guiding the customers seamlessly through the process of leaving a review and rating of their recent experience with a business. I provide my clients with these simple handouts, who in turn, give them to their customers, in order to bolster their online review prominence and local search rankings. Again, a great time-saver for me, as well as for my clients – thanks Phil!”
—Dino Basaldella
Sonoma County Web, Santa Rosa, CA

Would Have Taken Me Hours
“My time is worth a lot so before I start creating something on my own I figure out how long it will take me. Then I take a small portion of that time to search and see if someone else has already done it. Recently I was considering creating a vehicle to drive more reviews to my clients’ Google pages. I figured it would take me a few hours to build a template, write the copy, insert links, etc. Before I got started I did a quick search and found Local Visibility System. Phil had already done all the work for me! With a click and $20 Phil created a customized page which was perfect for my needs. My time is worth a heck of a lot more than $10 an hour so getting the review handout was an absolute bargain.”
—Mark Kanty
Release Dynamics, Victoria, BC, Canada

3 Reviews in a Week
“I’ve already received 3 new Google reviews in less than a week. In today’s everyday chaos this simple handout is a must if you want more reviews.”
—Chad Celi
Reset Strategies, Louisville, KY

(41 Google reviews and counting)

Start getting more reviews today

Your customers won’t have to read everything I just told you: All they have to do is follow the simple steps on the handout – about 3 minutes from start to finish. Improving your online reputation has never been easier.

Google+ review handout example

Take a look at the PDF if you haven’t already – just to get a crystal-clear idea of what your review handout will be like.

Your customized handout is just $20 – which is a tax-deductible “business expense,” by the way. And remember: you’ve got my one-year money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose. You have only reviews and customers to gain. Click the Paypal button to order now:

(Again, please check the email you use for Paypal, and your “junk” folder. I can’t create or send you the review handout until we’ve connected.)

To Your Success, Locally and Everywhere!

Phil Rozek

So Easy a Caveman Could Use It
“This handout makes it so easy, a caveman could leave your local business a review on Google. Its simple design remedies the painful process of asking for, explaining how it works, and receiving reviews on my clients’ Google Places pages. Great job!”
—John Rizzo
Globe On Demand, Charleston, SC

Even a Dingbat Could Follow It
“The review handout gives simple, clear instructions on how to get a client or customer to leave a review for your business on Google Places. Even a dingbat could follow it. Thanks Phil!”
—Matt Woodacre
Indigo Marmoset Design, Epsom, Surrey, UK

(20 Google reviews and counting)

Works for E-commerce, Too
“I have an ecommerce client who wanted his Google reviews to show when people searched his company’s name. But his customers were thousands of miles away. We decided to try something a little different and had our client put the review handout in the package when they shipped their products to them. It worked.”
—Caleb J. Clark
Supremity, Centerfield, UT

Great Tool
“These handouts as well as everything else Phil publishes are great tools to help make sense of local search marketing. And for $20 bucks! How can you go wrong!”
—Ed Marvinney
UserSight Corp, West Palm Beach, FL

Legal Stuff: I probably don’t even need to mention this, but after you get my customized review handout, please don’t redistribute or sell it.  My lawyer is a bloodthirsty ogre, and I don’t like to release her from her cage unless I have to (figuratively speaking, of course).  Therefore, if you have any questions about the review handout, just talk to me.

Done reading all that? You must be serious. Scroll back up to order your handout and to start getting more reviews.


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