Welcome to The Boneyard.  It’s where I keep relatively old info and tools that I either used to offer for free or sell.  In fact, in a past life many of these resources were part of my $300 Local Visibility System kit.

They’re here because I ran out of time and couldn’t keep updating and revising them to reflect the ever-changing landscape of local Google.

Some of the material is outdated.  Some of it wasn’t blindingly pretty to begin with.

But you can sift through the materials and decide for yourself what’s most useful.  Even though some of it has aged about as well as sushi, much of it can still help you get more visible to local customers in Google.

And it’s all free and instantly downloadable (each document will open as a PDF in a new tab of your browser).

14 Ways Your Webmaster Can Help Boost Your Local Ranking

Citation Cheat Sheet

9 competitive-intel tactics

Rough phone script for asking customers for Google reviews

Email template for asking customers for Google reviews

Snail-mail newsletter from February 2011

Snail-mail newsletter from April 2011

By the way, you can contact me if you have any questions about whether a specific suggestion in any of the materials is still applicable.


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