Now You Can Fix Your Yahoo Local Listing without Paying for Yext

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It appears that you can – once again – update your Yahoo Local listing for free, without having to sign up for Yext PowerListings.

Yahoo completely turned over listings-management duties to Yext last year.  Over the course of several years, Yahoo had gone from a viable (if second-fiddle) local search engine, to a broken one, to one that no longer even tried to offer correct or new results.  You’d only pay to correct your Yahoo listing if your NAP OCD caused you to lie awake at night, bug-eyed and sweating into your pillow.

But now there’s a workaround!

Because it’s near-impossible to find, clearly it’s there by design, rather than as a loophole that’s just asking to be glued shut.  Kenny Hodges of Scott Snyder Dump Truck Service emailed me this fresh intel, and explained how to do it:

Phil –

Due to what is most likely a lawsuit in the works, Yext has now added the option for us to just fix our Yahoo listings for free.

This is interesting information that came about from a sales call from Yext.

My uncle received a sales call from Yext and he proceeded to berate them about the fact that they were ‘holding his business listings hostage’. After 15 mins on the phone with the sales person, he was told that there ​IS ​a way to fix his business listings for free. Although he was not given any specific information about how to do it, he thought he would try again for the 30th time. Upon going through the process, he found that it had changed. Lots of information now needs to be filled out prior to seeing your scan with the new format.

Now when you finally get to the pricing schedule, you will find ​a new link, which is
the solution to the Yext stranglehold on Yahoo business listings. You DO need to make a Yext PowerListings account, AND verify that account through email, and agree to the terms. Yext PowerListings claims that even though it’s a free account, you will be in full control of your claimed Yahoo Business page. Prior to claiming your business you will need to find the proper Yahoo business categories through another source as there is no dropdown or multiple choice or suggestions.

Here are the basic steps to get to the “fix it for free” button:

1. Search for your business.

2. Hover your mouse over your business on the left. The results on the right are what you’re looking for.

3. Click on “verify your listing,” right under the name of your business, where it asks “is this your business?”

4. Yahoo/Yext PowerListings will open, where it will send you to a “free business listing scan.”

5. What you need to do is go through the entire process as if your are purchasing one of their plans. At the end, after you have entered all your information, just under the “packages” in very small print, it will offer a “just fix Yahoo for free” link.

That is how we were able to fix our listing on Yahoo for free, without paying Yext.


It sure is buried.  After you fill out Yext’s form – as though you’re signing up – you’ll see the link if you scroll down and squint:

(Here’s that URL:

Then you’ll see this screen:

Now just “check out.”  At this point, you should be done for the moment, and your edits should be under review by some combination of Yahoo / Yext people.  I don’t yet know how long those take to process.

You’ll immediately get an email from Yext, but it doesn’t appear to require any action on your part if you only want to fix Yahoo.

Nyagoslav tells me that Yahoo requires phone-verification before your edits go live.  I’m guessing there’s a second email that prompts you to verify, but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

Anyway, this is a good development.  I just wish the link wasn’t so buried.

Have you tried the free-fix on your Yahoo listing yet?  Run into any issues?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Phil. We’ll start trying this out today and see what success we get.

    I’m 95% sure that get edits live will be as painful or more painful than ever. I’m guessing that this step is handled by Yahoo not Yext (no commercial value to Yext so why would they) and Yahoo’s customer support was terrible when they ran ‘local’ in house, so now they outsource it i’m sure they’ve reduce their team size even further.

    We’ll loop back with results that we get from this process.

  2. Thanks Phil! Like Myles, we will try this out and circle back with any updates.

  3. Thanks Phil.

    This has come up a couple times at the forum and luckily both Christian and Raj are very active in answering questions there.

    Raj, the Yext Community Manager has explained the process to get free Yahoo listings (with screenshots) at least twice, maybe more. He even offers his direct email in every post for anyone that has questions. So this is not something they are trying to keep quiet, although it is a little difficult to find unless someone shows you how.

    So when any type of issue comes up, feel free to search the forum and often you’ll find we’ve already discussed the problem and discovered solutions.

    Here one of the threads where Raj explains how to do it in (Post #7) and what data you can add and how long it takes. Then in the next post CCbackus explains what happens with the Yahoo verification process.

    Yahoo! Local Listings – Aabaco – Yext – Anyone solve the mystery?

    Hope those extra details help.

    • Thanks, Linda. My gripe is that it should be immediately clear to any business owner (1) whether the listing can be fixed for free and (2) how to do it. But at least this is a start.

  4. Finally, right?
    Be prepared for follow up sales calls from Yext representatives to the location. If you’re an agency, you may want to forewarn your client.

  5. avatar Colleen Harris says:

    I’ve not been able to get the verification steps to work with the phone.

  6. Wow, nice catch. I was thinking Yahoo! Local died – However, I have taken a look and can see that my clients’ Yahoo! Local listings are still alive.

    I’m willing to give this a try. How are they with removing duplicates?

    • Good question, Austin. I doubt Yahoo’s improved at removing duplicates. There sure doesn’t seem to be a feature specifically for marking listings as duplicates, nor a general “get help” form.

  7. Thanks Phil: Great intel. Also thanks for commenting on that Linda.

    Really great write up and so interesting in the earlier commentary about a possible lawsuit. What a heck of an insight.

    All is great insight. Now I’ll have to work (trudge) through the efforts to see how this turns out. But excellent intel. 6 star rating (on a scale of 1-5)

  8. Thanks Phil for this great info. This has been making us crazy for a while now.

  9. YAY! Ernie & Bert! Frankly, I’m more excited about that than Yahoo, but the article is good, too. You may have to revise that former comment about the 80s hair band now, Phil. But maybe not.

    • You’re right, Miriam: now I might revise that comment to say that Yahoo is more like KISS, on their 14th “Farewell” tour or 37th “Reunion” tour.

  10. Is there a chance that there are similar workarounds for other “Yext only” listings? If not, why do you think there is one for Yahoo? Just curious…

    • Even in its diminished state, Yahoo’s still more prominent than most other local directories (it’s not really a local search engine anymore). The problem is simply more glaring for your typical business than it would be on, say, a Whitepages.

      I did notice a similar workaround on MapQuest. There doesn’t seem to be one for InsiderPages or for Whitepages. Haven’t checked the other sites in Yext’s network.

  11. Thanks Phil .. that is a great find! I had a client enquire about fixing their incorrect data on yahoo local only yesterday so will pass on your article.

  12. Worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

  13. I guess this only works for the US as I am in Spain.

  14. Here is link that you can use to claim your “FREE” Yahoo/Yext listing as on January 2016:

  15. It’s been over 30 days and still haven’t recieved the second email for phone verification. Sent raj an email will update when he responds.

    None of the edits have gone live yet.

    • I recently claimed a Yahoo listing via Yext and did a phone verification. Once the phone number got verified, here is what Yext said:

      “Congratulations! You have successfully verified your location.

      “What’s next?
      Your information will be sent to Yahoo within 48 hours.
      “Yahoo will process your request within 2 weeks.”

      They also said:
      “Yext will deliver your information to Yahoo, but we do not have control over whether or not Yahoo will accept and publish this information. To guarantee your listing information is up to date and locked from being edited by outside sources, upgrade to Yext”

  16. Thank you! Most customers prefer manual directory submissions as opposed to these automated ‘fixes’ by Yext. Evidently Aabaco has jumped in the game as well (to make $ keeping directory listings updated) We appreciate you sharing your findings.

  17. This doesn’t work. That link doesn’t exist. The link says “Fix Your Listings on Individual Sites” and then charges $150 a year to update Yahoo.

  18. Hi Phil,

    I see the free link:

    Also, I checked the listings we updated for Beglin Orthodontics via your suggestion about 45 days ago and they are looking good!

  19. Great article – it’s extremely frustrating trying to find the ‘free’ option to change your listing. Have you noticed any way to get rid of a duplicate listing? I have a situation where an old ‘yellow pages’ tracking number spawned an extra listing with a bad phone & address. I’ve since claimed the bad listing but see no options to remove it.

  20. If there is a lawsuit let me know, my business listing is wrong and of course now that I went through the steps to correct it salesman are calling me daily to try to get me to pay for it to be corrected. Extremely frustrated.

  21. I have tried for several weeks now. The Verification never comes.
    I contacted, but gave me the run around. They claim this works but I wasn’t able to make it work. I just need to change the address for my business.
    Any suggestions?

  22. What Can we really do? Where do we complain? It is unfortunate for all small businesses which cannot afford Yext prices. If anyone can find a phone # or email for Yahoo Local, please let me know.

  23. avatar Melissa Howell says:

    I just verified our business and the process went smoothly. However, it doesn’t have anywhere to update the hours, which are showing incorrectly on our Yahoo local listings. Also, where do we log in to make updates down the road should this actually go through and take effect? Thanks for the great info!

  24. The FREE work around does not let you change your hours. I’ve gone back and forth with Yext to to avail. Anyone have a way to correct hours without being charged?

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