My 10 Favorite Local SEO Posts of 2012

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I know there’s still time left in 2012 for people to write great posts on local SEO…but it’s gonna be hard to top the crème de la crème.

Much like one of those snore-fest radio countdowns, I’ve picked what I consider the 10 best posts of the year.  Except my picks are exciting and useful…and I’m not counting down (or up)…and I’m not a DJ.

What I love about these posts is they can help you no matter how much or little you know about local search.  Many of them deal with tough topics but do a magnificent job of breaking it all down into insights or steps you can easily apply to get your business more visible in the local rankings.

As you can see, I don’t include my own posts – as was the case on the only two occasions I’ve done roundups so far.

Enjoy, bookmark, apply…and grab some better local visibility.


Understand and Rock the Venice Update – Mike Ramsey

New Google Places Guideline – Hide Your Address or Risk Losing Your Place Page – Linda Buquet


The Real Meaning of the Google Places Statuses – Nyagoslav Zhekov


Rankings on Google+Local: Some Observations – David Mihm

Google+Local: Q’s and Some A’s – Mike Blumenthal


Rethinking the Title Tag for 2012 (and Beyond) – Matt McGee


Asking for Reviews (Post Google Apocalypse) – Mike Blumenthal


How to Create Local Content for Multiple Cities – Matt McGee

The Zen of Local SEO – Miriam Ellis


Google Local: Train Wreck at the Junction – Mike Blumenthal

What do you like about these posts?  Any words of appreciation for the authors?  Leave a comment!


  1. Hey Phil, great list and thanks for including one of my posts. There has been so much awesome info posted this year.

    Nice to be in such great company. You left out one of my fav local bloggers though. His 1st name is Phil! 😉

    • Hey Linda,

      Well, thanks as always for writing great posts, and for everything you do at the Forum! (The latter has grown into quite a beast)

  2. Hi Phil,
    Well, it’s a unique honor to be listed on ‘The Count’s’ roundup of best local SEO posts of 2012. And, you know, I totally missed Matt’s title tag post. Got to go read that. Great list and thank you for the kind mention.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Miriam! Glad you like the Count – though I wish I could have found a picture of him with the number 10. Matt’s post on title tags was a keeper, all right – a bright spot among a bunch of drivel that other people have written on title tags.

  3. Thanks for arranging a best of list. Definitely a must read list for ANY small business owner!

  4. Great post!

    I also really liked to see
    I’m a vet who is also a competitor, so I don’t think I will take you up on this, but it’s great to see.

    Keep it up!

    • Hey Carl,

      Thanks for your compliments!

      And many thanks for your service as a Vet. I don’t consider anyone to be my “competitor,” so please feel completely free to take me up on the offer.


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