Top UK Local-Business Directories (AKA Citation Sources)

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You chaps and dames in the UK may drive on the wrong side of the road and confuse beer with cocoa (only one of which should be served warm!), but at least the challenge of getting a business visible in Google Places is the same across the pond as it is here in the States.

OK, fine, so maybe even the Google Places / local-search-visibility puzzle is different in the UK from how it is here.  That is, you need to list your business on different third-party sites in order to get maximum local visibility (which isn’t news to you).

The first step, of course, is to know what those third-party sites are.

Enough of me mates have asked me to cough up my list of UK local-search citation sources.  It’s about bloody time I do so.

Here’s the full monty:

(extra-important sites in bold)


Now comes the fun part: listing your business on all the above sites.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, links to the “Add business” pages are on the right, so at least you don’t have to hunt around for them.

I’ve added all of the sites to my Definitive List of Local Search Citations as well—where they mingle with their Yank counterparts.

Last but not least, credit goes to David Mihm for listing a number of these sites in a great blog post he did a few years ago on top UK citation sources.

I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few, so please leave a comment if you have any sites to suggest.



  1. Hi Phil
    Capital effort old boy 🙂 Truly appreciate the extent of your selfless sharing of valuable information. This will save me hours of work trying to find UK citation sites when I set up my own UK entity . Highlighting the main ones are even more of a godsend. Many, many thanks again for all your insights.
    All the very best to you and yours over the the festive season.

    • @JasRoy,

      Not a problem, mate! Thanks for your compliments. I tend to compile lists like this for my own purposes and clients anyway, so simply posting one isn’t too much work.

      I’d be interested in any of your suggestions for other sites or for how to improve the current list.

      Hope you and yours have a great Holiday season, too!

  2. One of the fastest growing business directories is now in UK, USA, AU, EU and CA
    They include video and your twitter feed for free in their listings

  3. Useful list! From time to time we get down to see what kind of online business directories are out there, draw a table and analyze statistics a bit.

  4. is one of the best local business directories too, and it has free listing feature.

  5. Thanks for providing such comprehensive information about best known business directories in UK. This page will really help entrepreneurs at UK to promote their business.

  6. Wow… This list is amazing. It helps me alot with my business! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thanks awfully for the above list old chap, it will be a great help in my new business venture.
    Cheers, Mark.
    P.S. We have cold beer over here as well you know, in fact I am off for a swift one now 🙂

  8. Great list Phil. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. This is an excellent list Phil, thanks a lot for sharing. There’s quite a few I didn’t have in mine.

  10. Hi

    The BEST list i have found by far! Thanks for saving me alot of hard work. Another good site to add to your list is freebd –


  11. This awesome list of UK citation sites will help us easily be find by our customers. Thank you for the list Phil. I would also like to thank those who suggested some links.


  12. Hi!

    I think it would be great to also add the Yalwa Business Directory UK to your list. We’re a fairly new website but we’ve got fantastic customer support.

  13. avatar Geoff Wallis says

    Brilliant work, hugely valuable, thank you very much.

    Please kindly check out

    It’s still in Beta phase, but a free local directory all the same.

  14. Thank you very much Phil! I create a new business directory – your opinion please!

    • Hi Dorelini,

      Thanks for the tip! I’m a bit unclear on the criteria for inclusion: obviously, if a business uses phony or spammy info then it shouldn’t be included, but otherwise is it open to any UK business?

  15. Another good free local business directory is called Miquando – Has a free (and paide for version) of nline diary and booking system built in too

  16. Thanks Phil.. I’ve been hunting around for a decent list of UK citation sources and your efforts are very much appreciated!

  17. Phil!
    That is one hell of a list, thank you so much. I’m working on a website project that will benefit from this immensley. Having been building sites for some time, I now need them to show in the big G serps! I also shall add this to my day to day jobs for clients. Also, thank you for bolding the important ones – I’ll start with those and carry on! Many thanks again. Splendid, spiffing and top-notch…!
    Cheers mate 🙂

  18. Thank you for sharing, I also want to add an instant approval local business directory.

    • Sure thing, Abdul. By “instant approval,” do you mean that business owners can list their businesses for free and without going through a lengthy verification process?

  19. Thanks for the great list !
    Also you may try sifting through citationlabs’ reports – they yield quite a great sources as well – run them around ‘citations’/’local search’ keyword and variations ( add UK etc, play around with it 🙂 )

  20. Phil. You are a legend !! Thanks a million for posting that list. It has saved me a few hours looking for directories to add my business to. It was becoming a complete pain. I can focus on finding photography related directories.
    Can i ask, does google look at is suspiciously if i add myself to all the directories at once or should i do it over a period of time. Everything i read says different things now and i wouldn’t want google to penalise my listing if they think it looks unnatural ?
    Love the blog !! keep up the amazing work ! If you’re ever in Scotland, let me know and ill buy you a pint or two. Thanks again Jamie

  21. Great job, many thanks Phil.


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