Go-to Tools and Services

People ask me what resources I use or just highly recommend.  Here are some that come to mind:


Ahrefs – Super-thorough backlinks analysis.  I use it every day.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder – Helps you identify the local directories and other sites where it’s probably worth listing your business.

Moz Local – The free scan is always first check-up I do, and especially for a new businesses the paid version ($99/year) can be an economical and efficient way to take care of some tricky local listings.

GatherUp – Handy system for contacting your customers by email and encouraging them to write reviews.

Grade.us – A great way to make a “reviews” page to go on your site or be hosted off-site.  Link to it in your email signature, or give customers the URL on a postcard, or get creative.

Aweber – The email-management system I’ve used for many years.


Whitespark Citation-Building and Citation Audit / Cleanup – These two services are just the ticket if you need help with your local citations. If you sign up for it, please consider using the discount code LVS-WS.  You’ll save 10%, and I’ll get 10%.  (I recommended Whitespark’s service long before they had an affiliate program.)

Joker Media – WordPress specialists.  Josh Benson (owner) and I have worked together on many projects over the years, and he’s great.  He also offers a dependable and affordable maintenance program for WordPress sites, as well as hosting and video production

Pigzilla – Danielle Owens helps me on many projects for clients, and is a smart and hardworking local SEO.

Touch Point Digital Marketing – David Deering is an expert in Schema.org markup, and is pretty handy at website development and graphic design projects.

Evolving SEO – Dan Shure is a well-known SEO and a straight shooter, and I recommend him if you need help with national SEO.

MeasuredSEM – Running a big AdWords campaign?  Tom Demers is a PPC specialist, a good guy, and was Wordstream employee #3.

Jonathan Rozek, my father, is your go-to guy if you need an ace copywriter or a conversion-rate optimization expert.  He’s been the right-hand man to a real-estate tycoon, a dentist who retired at 40, and a billionaire.  Hire him while you still can.


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