Former “Visibility Now” Page

Oops! I no longer have the page “” on my site.  Well, I do, but probably not the type of page you expected to find…

I owe you a brief explanation.  This page used to be where you could get my “Local Visibility System” kit—the first and only kit that would walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your business visible in Google Places.

Since the time I created the kit (mid 2009), local Google has evolved.  A lot.  The fundamentals are the same, but the look and layout of Google Places has changed quite a bit.

My kit contained a TON of pictures, and highly specific steps along the lines of “click the button on the top-right, then scroll halfway down the page, and click ‘Edit’…”.  It’s tough for me to update my materials every time Google changes.

Even though some of the finer details might not be up-to-date, you can still get visible by following the steps in my kit. It’s still great if you’re the DIY type. If you’d like to order a copy at a steep discount, just contact me.

Or if you’d like to see some of the materials that I included in the kit, check out The Boneyard.

Otherwise, if you’re a business owner who wants to get visible to more local customers in Google Places, check out my Services page.


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