Visibility for Veterans

Are you a US Armed Forces Veteran who runs a business?

Or do you have your hands full running the business while your spouse (or other family member) serves overseas?

If either of the above describes you, I’d like to help keep your business strong by making sure you’re visible to local customers in Google’s local search results.

Times are tough for most business owners.  I’m guessing the times are even tougher if you’re a vet, or if your spouse is currently deployed and you have to put in overtime just to keep your business afloat.

It’s often hardest to get more customers precisely when you need them the most.  Local search is rocky terrain to navigate even under the easiest of times.  You shouldn’t have to lose sleep over worrying that you can’t get enough customers – not on top of all the hurdles you already have to clear.

Free local SEO advice

If you’re a US vet or you’re trying to run your business while a loved one serves overseas, feel free to email me with a little detail on your business and overall situation.  I’ll help you get your business found by more local customers, and I will not charge you.

Vets are people who wrote a blank check payable to Uncle Sam for an amount up to, and perhaps including, their lives.  That’s why I feel an obligation to help if you’re a vet or have supported one.

Like you, I’m pressed for time.  I can’t spend hours a day on much of anything.  But if you drop me a line I’d be glad to schedule a call or exchange some emails in which we get your questions answered and start getting you visible to more local customers.

If you aren’t a vet and aren’t related to one BUT you know someone who is, feel free to have that person read this and personally get in touch with me.

Recap: I’m offering to help if you’re a vet or if you’re temporarily down a business partner because he or she is deployed.  And once again, I’ll help for free.

What now?

The next step is to email me. Mention “Veterans” in the subject line. From there, we can schedule a pow-wow or take whatever seems to be the best next step.

America is still the best place to live and build a business.  But it wouldn’t be that way without the people who’ve helped keep us safe and the people behind the scenes back home.  This is just my way of saying thanks for all you do.


Other local SEOs pitching in

Visibility for Veterans used to be just me, but now you can also get free help from other people who want to pitch in.

  • You can ask Andrew Shotland, of Local SEO Guide and Apple Maps Marketing fame.  He’s one of the best SEOs there is.  Like me, he only has so many hours in the day.  But he’s happy to help vets. Especially if you ply him with hot sauce.
  • Then there’s Todd Bialaszewski of  He can also consult with vets on broader parts of online marketing.  By the way, if you’re in the Rochester NY area and you’re the type who likes to sit down with someone and talk local marketing, Todd might just be able to help.
  • You can call Susan Staupe (612) 501-2929. Susan’s an experienced SEO (particularly in the legal field), and is from Minnesota, which means she’s friendly.
  • Want help from a fellow vet? Adam Dince may be your guy. He served in the Navy for 8 years, and now helps business owners navigate the rough waters of local-online marketing. Hooah!
  • Especially if you’re a Marine, you may want to contact Ben Wynkoop – a Devil Dog himself.  I’ve collaborated with Ben many times, and he is a smart guy who gets things done.

Guided Me on Next Steps
“I took Phil up on his offer to help veterans via a free discovery call. We talked for about 30 minutes or so. The time was well worth it. Before we talked, Phil had reviewed my site, made notes about my site’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. During our call, he walked me through both those things and guided me on steps to take next. He also recommended other people who might better fit my needs. (He noted my opportunities for improvement involved link building.) I truly appreciate his time and I can’t recommend him enough.”
—Stanley Love Tate III,
Tate Esq LLC, Frontenac, MO

Vets Should Take Advantage of It
“To all Veterans out there I urge you to take advantage of Phil’s offering of free help. He has helped my business and has asked for nothing in return. Thanks Phil for all of your help!”
—Richard Vizcarrando, Owner
American Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc., Massapequa, NY

Extremely Helpful
“When I first saw Phil’s offer on his website regarding helping Veterans to rank locally free of charge, I was hesitant to contact him since I am actually starting my own local search agency here in CT and felt that it could be a conflict of interest. However, I reached out to Phil and explained to him what I was trying to do. He has been extremely helpful and more than accommodating. In addition to all the great content and resources on his website, I would highly recommend that everyone sign up for his newsletters, as they provide great value to better understanding local search. Thanks Phil, Semper Fi.”
—Cpl. Luke Moore, Owner
Corporal Online LLC, Bridgeport, CT

Skeptical at First
“Thank you Phil for the great advice… 1 of the 2 businesses you helped me with went from zero SERP to now 9 local map results and 33 pg #1 results in San Diego in just under 2 months. It’s a fairly competitive niche and after making a few adjustments to the website like Phil recommended and changing my review process around we are seeing the results. I’m a local business owner that is doing it all myself. After losing some money to some gurus and companies that claimed ‘pie in sky’ results, I kept looking for DIY tips. I kept seeing Phil’s posts and scoured his website like a kid in a candy store. I was skeptical when I saw he was willing to help a veteran. I assumed I would get some canned info on SEO I already new about. To my surprise he gave me specific goals and even consulted over the phone with me. My service in the Marine Corps came through again.”
—Sgt. Jason Card
MSJ Delivery, San Diego, CA


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