Testimonials for Phil Rozek

Below are testimonials from some of my clients. Please don’t interpret these as statements on what I can do for your business. I can only pass on what I’ve done for others so far.


“Doing Extremely Well Once Again, Despite the Pandemic”

“Thanks to Phil, I experienced a dramatic influx of clients within a relatively short amount of time, and my business continued to thrive for the next 5 years, until the pandemic hit. At that point, I lost two-thirds of my clientele practically overnight, and re-engaged Phil. As a result, my business is doing extremely well once again, despite the pandemic. Phil’s phenomenal expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm, and wit are just a few reasons why it’s a real pleasure to work with him. In my experience, he truly cares about helping businesses catapult to success, and is a powerhouse in the SEO world. I can’t thank him enough.”

—Cynthia Mansur, MFT

Lafayette, CA


“Seen Results”

“Phil is the most accessible, knowledgeable, and honest professional I have come across for local SEO services. After sifting through pages of valuable content on his site, I decided to try his X-Ray service. I provided some information about my company, Marshall Building & Remodeling, and he produced a comprehensive list of action steps for me to improve our rankings, build links, strengthen our website, and increase visibility and business. I started in on the list and realized, as a business owner, I didn’t have time to execute these important items on my own. So I hired Phil for his ongoing monthly service. He’s easy to work with, detailing his plan and communicating along the way. We’ve seen proven results and I’ve gained a greater understanding of SEO and how to leverage it for growth. In the everchanging SEO world, Phil stays current, which is so important. He’s a great resource to improve your local rankings and achieve your business goals.”

—Anne Marshall, Co-Owner, Marshall Building & Remodeling

Riverside, RI


“Highly Effective”

“Over the past seven years I’ve contracted with several SEO agencies to assist with search marketing for my business and on behalf of my clients. They all ultimately failed to deliver what they promised and it was hard to determine what actual work they had performed. I’ve worked with Phil for almost a year now and his services have been highly effective. He builds high-quality links and has provided great content and on-page SEO advice. He is easy to work with and the services he delivers are completely transparent. In my 30+ years in business it has been rare to work with a vendor who provides as much value for the money as Phil does.”

—Bill Frink, Owner, Frink Inc. Advertising

Austin, TX


“We Couldn’t Believe the Growth We’ve Experienced”

“The X-ray service provided by Phil had amazing results, and they happened very quickly. We couldn’t believe the growth we’ve experienced since applying the items listed out on Phil’s X-ray service. Phil was very thorough, and I really can’t say enough about this service. Save yourself thousands, and make yourself thousands more by buying this service right away. It really worked for us. A website audit from a true local SEO specialist, who’s been doing this since SEO became a thing. You won’t regret it.”

—John Grimes, Owner, John The Plumber

Ottawa, ON


“Takes the Time to Understand Your Business”

“Phil is great to work with! He takes the time to get to understand your business so that he can make the most impact. We really enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him.”

—Michelle and Julie Mateus, Co-owners, Escape Rooms Connecticut

Orange, CT


“Real, Actionable Advice”

We worked with Phil to help us up our game when it came to local search. What impressed me most was the real, actionable advice he gave. This is not just a templated local search audit. If you want a real in-depth critique on how our local pages are doing, talk with Phil. Oh and by the way, his newsletter is great too.

—Sharon Hoyes

Toronto, ON


“Goes Far Beyond Just ‘Local Searches’”

“Since we began to be in contact with Phil Rozek, we were amazed by the great knowledge he was offering to help us with our web store and the time and effort he devoted to us. His assistance has added a lot to our Web presence, enabling it to be well positioned in organic local searches. His wisdom goes far beyond just “local searches”. By working with him, you can count on assistance and way more than he originally offered us.”

—Joel Weiss, Owner, The Imaging World

Brooklyn, NY



“Phil’s help was invaluable in diagnosing some complex issues that were affecting a client of mine and their local listings on Google. Since implementing the x-ray that he provided us that had detailed suggestions specific to our website, business, and area we have begun to get regular traffic from highly competitive keywords like “car accident lawyer” in our area. As we use detailed tracking methods we can tell that a good number of these visits to our clients website are coming from our Google My Business listing. Phil was a big help to our local SEO efforts and a great resource for those times when you need an expert to provide advice even in your own field! Thanks Phil.”

—Josh Gill, Owner, Inbound Authority

West Palm Beach, FL


“Helped Bottom Line”

“Phil’s knowledge and expertise in organic SEO is as good as it gets. He has helped my business and my bottom line. My return on investment was better than I had hoped. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is looking for an honest SEO professional.”

—Michael Mandis, Owner, Alliance Mortgage Funding, Inc.

Cockeysville, MD


“My Business Would not Be Where It Is Today”

“I hired Phil in early 2015 for his X-Ray service. We’re entering 2019 and I’m still ranked on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords that keeps my phone ringing on a daily basis.

“Without a doubt, if it wasn’t for his guidance, my business would not be where it is today. A big regret I have is waiting too long to hire him. I was a long-time reader of his blog and wanted to figure it all out on my own without paying for help. Had I just hired him from the very beginning, my business (and life) would be much different right now.

“There’s no guesswork with his X-Ray. He gives you a full-report of things you need to work. on. You simply take action on his suggestions.

“He’s very responsive and helpful when you ask questions. I’ve hired him for the X-Ray service and for a one-on-one call and each time I was blown away from the value he provided.

“Phil has definitely been one of the top people that have helped me in my business. I highly urge you stop waiting to hire him. Take action on what he says and you will see dramatic results in your business.

“Don’t worry about the guy that can ‘SEO your site for $100/month’. Phil is the real deal. Hire him. Listen to him. Take action on his advice and you will see results.”

Oscar Gil, R3 Auto Detailing—Oscar Gil, Owner, R3 Auto Detailing
Houston, TX


“Can Directly Attribute $100k in Recent Commissions”

“Phil Rozek is on top of his game, and his Local Visibility X-Ray was well worth every penny I paid for it. It took me a little time to work through all of his suggestions and get them implemented, but none of the steps were particularly difficult or technical. His report was presented in a manner that was straightforward and easy enough for a layman to understand. I’m a real estate agent, certainly not an IT professional, and I was able to implement all of his suggestions with relative ease. I’m happy to say, that after getting most of his suggestions in place, my Google My Business profile is consistently ranking me in the top 2 positions for major key phrases. I can already directly attribute over $100,000 in recent commissions to the Google local placement that Phil showed me how to achieve.”

David Hakimi, The David Hakimi Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices—David Hakimi, The David Hakimi Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Erie and Northglenn, CO


“Clear and Understandable”

“First of all, English is not my native language! Having said that, Phil is just AWESOME. He is very kind, friendly and very professional. It is very clear to me that he really knows about SEO. He arranges all the actions you have to take in a very clean and understandable way. Step by step. And last but not least, he is very responsive. I mean, he has replied emails even in Sunday! It has been really great to work with him (which is hard to say nowadays).”
Carlos Campaña, Co-Owner, Vox Technologies Vocal Studio—Carlos Campaña, Co-Owner, Vox Technologies Vocal Studio
Barcelona, Spain
(2018; see Carlos’s review on Yelp)


“Well Worth the Cost”

“We are an internet driven law firm that has, from time to time, had to deal with questions regarding new Google algorithms and revised Google Guidelines. When that occurs we go to Phil Rozek for GMB and Google local problems and questions that our team cannot not confidently decide the right way to go. Phil’s consultations have been excellent. He always immediately understands our problem, reviews our sites and is a quick study as to the nuances of our business model. He can therefore provide us with excellent recommendations for us to deal successfully with Google and proceed in a compliant manner. He is an excellent pair of extra ears and eyes on one’s operation and provides timely suggestions that we hadn’t thought of. We always implement his suggestions to bolster our Google status. I highly recommend Phil. He is well worth the cost.”

—Jeffrey Nadrich, founding partner, Nadrich & Cohen, LLP.

Los Angeles and Orange County, CA


“Increases in Traffic and New Clients”

“Earlier this year Phil helped us with an X-Ray Report for one of our locations and helped us roll it into expanding our business from two locations to five. His step by step X-Ray report gave us detailed instructions on exactly what it is was we were supposed to do. And the screenshots it contained made knowing where to click and what to edit a breeze! Plus he was always there to answer e-mails and have follow-up calls. Our effort went fully live 3 months later and since then we’ve seen solid traffic to all the new pages and content we wrote as part of the plan, as well as increases in traffic from our target locations to the rest of our site. And while traffic is nice, we also got 6 new clients as a result of this effort without any additional advertising. Simply due to the changes we made at Phil’s direction. We’re so grateful we found Phil. There are a lot of “experts” out there, but Phil is the real deal. Work with him if you’re serious about SEO and improving your site’s performance.”

Joe & Cheryl Dillon, Co-owners, Equitable Mediation Services—Joe & Cheryl Dillon, Co-owners

Bridgewater, NJ


“Our Campaign Site Went to #1”

“Absolutely can’t write enough good things about Local Visibility. Top notch. Able to explain technical jargon in layman’s terms to we mere mortals. With LV’s guidance, our campaign website went from nowhere-to-be-found to top of page 1 in less than a month. A miracle, I tell you. Communicative, accessible, helpful and patient.”

—Shareen Crosby, Campaign Manager, Natasha Von Imhof for Alaska State Senate (later won election to State Senate in November 2016)

Anchorage, AK


“Steady Flow of Clients”

Marc Shanley, Kunkletown, PA

Kunkletown, PA


“Setting Records”

“Phil is a top-notch guy to work with in every sense of the word. He is super knowledgeable and stays on the cutting edge of everything related to online marketing. Phil’s passion for his work…and MY SUCCESS…has been obvious from day one. I’m from the ‘Show Me State’ and I must say I was a bit skeptical at first. But Phil has done just what he promised – Shown me the RESULTS! After just 2 months of working with Phil, my online business jumped 220% and I’ve been setting records ever since.”

Shannon Anderson, Cape Girardeau, MO—Shannon Anderson, Owner, Heartland Counseling Center

Cape Girardeau, MO


“Increase in Calls”

“Thanks again for all your good work. There has been a solid and noticeable increase in calls.”

Ayodeji Badaki, Esq., Hagerstown, MD—Ayodeji Badaki, Esq., The Badaki Law Firm, LLC

Hagerstown, MD

#1 in Hagerstown for “bankruptcy lawyer” and “bankruptcy attorney”


“Progress in Short Time”

“I had Phil do an X-ray for my business and was completely blown away by how thorough and detailed his reports were. He even helped with things that I did not expect. I have already increased my rankings greatly and it has only been a short period of time. I now have a very clear plan that I am following to improve my website and rankings. This was priceless. Having everything laid out this way has been so motivational! It used to be a chore to try and figure this stuff out and implement it now it is actually fun. Phil is just an incredible person, he actually cares about his clients and goes way above and beyond to help them out. I always know that when I get hung up on something I can send a quick email and he will help me out. If you are skeptical about his services, don’t be! He is the real deal.”

Lenny Kammes, Elburn, IL—Lenny Kammes, Kammes Colorworks, Inc.

Elburn, IL


“People Drive 40 Miles to Get to Me”

“My business as a firearms instructor is very local. Most of my revenue comes from teaching a handgun law course that is required for the Texas License to Carry. While there is a lot of interest in this, there are also a lot of instructors, probably 20-30 within 20 miles of me, including every shooting range. The conventional wisdom has been that clients won’t travel more than 10-12 miles for such instruction. Customer loyalty is a very minor factor, as most of these people I see only once.

“Because I come from a computer science background, I was able to build my own website, but I knew there were features of both technical SEO and social media marketing that were beyond me, as well as traps laid by Google that could sink my rankings. I was looking for some help in optimizing my exposure without a long-term contract, when I found Phil.

“I was hesitant at first to spend several hundred dollars, but after reading his free newsletter, and the articles on his website, I decided that if he could give away such valuable tips, the ones he sold must be even better. I was right.

“His list of suggestions had remarkable results. There might not have been any single item that was a game changer, but the sum of the suggestions, and the directions they took me, allowed me to position my business so that, when current events led to a surge in interest in my offerings, I was in the right place. My website traffic now is double and triple what it was, and people are registering for my classes over a month in advance. Some people drive 40 miles to get to me.

“Do not hesitate to do business with Phil; it will absolutely pay for itself.”

Dr. Sandy Keathley, McKinney, TX—Dr. Sandy Keathley, McKinney Firearms Training

McKinney, TX


“To the Top We Went”

“Once we worked with Phil on Google Places, we shot up to the top in no time. We have had a great return on our investment….. When we ask new patients how they heard about us, they say that our listing was the top search for ‘Fresno Dentist,’ and seeing that we were at the top of each category, they knew that our office was right for them. Thanks for your help in taking us to the top Phil! Your work is absolutely appreciated.”

Dr. J. Art Mirelez, Fresno, CA—Dr. J. Art Mirelez, Jr, DDS, Mirelez Wellness Dental

Fresno, CA

#1 for “Fresno dentist,” and similar search terms
#3 in Fresno for “dentist”


“Allows Me to Focus on What I Do Best”

“After getting sick of paying through the nose for ads, I hired Phil back in 2010 to help get my landscaping business more visible in local search.  He helped me do so and within a few months my local Google rankings got to the point where I was able to turn off my ads and save about $1,100 / month in ad spend.

“I then got Phil’s Done for You service the following winter (for my wintertime business, rooftop ice removal).  He kept me in the Google Places Top 3 all winter (and I’m still there to this day), and this was a major factor in having the most profitable winter in my 16 years in business.  I’ve since hired Phil for help in just about every other online aspect of my business.

“At this point I consider Phil a partner in my business.  He sets em’ up, and I knock em’ down!  I can no longer imagine my business without Phil’s services.  I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without my visibility to local customers.  I profit more than I used to because I’m better able to focus on what I do best (landscaping) by allowing Phil to do what he does best (getting me found).”

Joe Palumbo, Forest Lake, MN—Joe Palumbo, President, Palumbo Services, Inc.

LandscapeGuys.com and IceDamRemovalGuys.com
Forest Lake and Minneapolis, MN

#1 locally for “landscaping”
#1 in Minneapolis for “ice dam removal”


“Top of London”

“Our website went live in August 2013 and after a year we were doing well in the organic results for all of our main keywords but couldn’t crack the Places listings. Phil used his super x-ray powers to show us what we had to do and within just three weeks of implementing his suggestions we were in the A and B spots across the board! Traffic has nearly doubled and our books are steadily filling up. All with squeaky clean, nothing shady SEO. It can be done.”

—George Bestall, Owner, Cloak and Dagger Tattoo

London, UK

#1 for “tattoo London” and #1 in London for “tattoo”


“Increased Our Traffic”

Phil is great at what he does! His audit of our site was super helpful and increased our traffic once implemented.

—Imtiaz Khanji, Owner, New Look Laser Tattoo Removal

Houston, TX


“Above and Beyond”

“If you want to be found in local search, stop wasting time & hire Phil. I have seen a tremendous increase in my calls / leads for my target market since hiring Local Visibility System. I am now coming up in organic search + regular search. I learned a ton as I went through the process with Phil….The amount of work / education that Phil and his team provide is way above and beyond. The level of detail, responsiveness & expertise is unmatched. In addition to all of the above, Phil is great guy, honest and extremely trustworthy. I recommend him to anyone that wants to grow their business.”

Patrick Russell, Fairfax Station, VA—Patrick Russell, Owner, East Coast Professional Landscape, Inc. – acquired in 2015

Fairfax Station, VA


“Responsive and Professional”

“Local Visibility System does outstanding work. I worked with Phil personally on a number of projects and he was extremely responsive and professional, and has a deep expertise on local search. Can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Tom Demers, Arlington, MA—Tom Demers, Co-Founder, Measured SEM

Arlington, MA


“Delivers Results”

“I hired Phil to do a ‘Local Visibility X-Ray’ for my law practice. There are many
companies making many claims but Phil is the real deal and delivers results. You
will be glad you hired him!”

E. Lindsay Blanks, Esq., Charleston, SC—E. Lindsay Blanks, Esq.

Charleston, SC


“My Phone Is Ringing”

“If you own a small business and want to rank better in the local search results then you need to go with Phil and his team, who always do a great job. My phone is ringing, and yours can ring also if you give them a chance.”

—Greg Lucas, Owner, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

Seattle, WA

#3 in Seattle for “carpet cleaning”


“Invaluable Part of Our Agency’s Strategy”

“Phil has done wonders for our agency. We have clients that range from blue collar to white collar and Phil is the only person we trust to handle the local business listings for them. He’s great to work with, understanding, compassionate and always wants what’s best for our clients. He’s an invaluable part of our agency’s strategy and we’re proud to call him a partner.”

Jason Diller, Franklin Lakes, NJ—Jason Diller, Vice President & Marketing Director, The DSM Group

Franklin Lakes, NJ


“Business Has Picked Up”

“Let’s face it, running a business is not an easy task. Most days spent dealing with customers, paperwork, and figuring out how you’re going to fit a decent meal in between. I’ve had to learn through the years to take a step back and really think about what I can and can’t do for my company. Websites, reviews and Google Places is not my strong suit.

I met Phil and his team some years back through a gentleman that built my website. They have done numerous projects together and I have seen the evidence of what Phil does working for many businesses, not just my own. After hiring Phil and his team to work with one of my sites I got to really work hand in hand with him. His communication skills, patience and expertise are top notch. I’ve never gone without a return phone call or email to one of my genius questions I seem to have from time to time. Business has 100% without a doubt picked up because of the work Phil and his team have done with my site. I highly recommend Local Visibility System to anyone that is looking to ‘Step it Up a Notch’ for their business and knows when to take a step back and realize we can’t do everything that has to do with our business. Phil is honest, upfront and will walk you through the whole process. That’s why he’s already worked on our second website and continues to work with us on other projects.”

—Ryaan J. Tuttle, Owner, Best Handyman Boston

Boston, MA


“#1 for 6 Months and Counting”

“Phil definitely knows his stuff. We moved into a new market and felt that getting up to the top of Google local would be very important. In 3 months, we were #1 in local Google for our search. It has been over 6 months now and we are still #1. In addition, our website also ranks high in neighboring cities. I attribute much of this to Phil’s knowledge of Google and other important listing sites. He’s been great to work with, and has continued to be there to help us through any glitches. Thanks Phil. I highly recommend you to other businesses, and will be using you for any future needs we have with Google Places/Maps.”

Kiva Schreiber, Medford, OR—Kiva Schreiber, Owner, Squeeky Clean Window Cleaning

Medford, OR

#1 in Medford, OR for “window cleaners”
#2 in Medford, OR for “window cleaning”


“Delivers a Competitive Edge”

“If internet marketing and your local search results are important to your business you NEED Phil. At Closet Tec we spend a great deal of time and money marketing our company online. In fact, on a weekly basis we track both local and organic SERP’s for over 160 parameters. So we know a little bit about SEO and on a daily basis we keep tuned into what the industry experts have to say. Prior to hiring Phil our search results were very good. However, our market is very competitive and we were looking for a competitive edge. As Phil said in our initial interview, internet marketing is often “a game of inches”. Despite thinking we had all our bases covered Phil was able to deliver those needed inches and help our search results tremendously.””

—Jeff Unthank, Closet Tec Inc.

Sarasota, FL


“How It Should Be Done”

“One day I received a call off my webpage from a potential client. Before the client discussed his case, he wanted to tell me that he is an IT professional….He wanted me to know that I was the first professional he has spoken to where he can’t tell me that he can help me with my website or search engine optimization. He stated that whomever I am using, it is money extremely well spent. He said that as soon as he did a Google search in his area for a lawyer, I immediately came up on his screen. The following day he hired me.

“Not only has Phil’s Google visibility program brought me clients, but it’s nice when those clients include IT professionals who look at your website and online presence and compliment you by saying ‘this is how it should be done.'”

Patrick Flanagan, Esq., Hugo, MN—Patrick Flanagan, Esq., Flanagan Law Office

Hugo, MN

#1 in Hugo and Centerville, MN for “personal injury attorney,” “personal injury lawyer,” “criminal lawyer,” and “criminal attorney”


“Business Has Picked Up”

“I had signed up for Phil’s newsletters and started getting VERY valuable, succinct, SEO information. There is so much out there to read and stay up on but he would focus his newsletter on just achieving one thing. The more I read, the more I liked what he had to say. If I shot him a question back, he was always quick with a reply and if he didn’t know the answer he told me where I could find it.

“I hired him to do an X-Ray of my website and he provided me with some great feedback, which I implemented. Business has picked up and I think that in the long haul it will even more. It was money very well spent! Thanks so much for all your help Phil!”

Jane Saeman, Aim High Tutors, Orange County, CA—Jane Saeman, Owner, Aim High Tutors

Orange County, CA

Top-7 in Dove Canyon, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, and Lake Forest, CA for “tutor,” “tutors,” and “tutoring”


“It Worked”

“It has been a pleasure working with Phil, he never left me in the dark and always explained what he was doing to get us ranked better on Google places and it worked and saved me a ton of time. I would highly recommend him.”

—Chris Swearengin, Owner, CS Roofing Company

Locations in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Lansing, MI
Top-7 in all 3 locations for “roofing,” “roofer,” “roof repair,” and similar search terms



“Phil of localvisibilitysystem.com has done an unbelievable job getting my company on top of Google local search! Thanks so much Phil! In addition to being a class act, he’s delivered on all of our local visibility goals. I totally recommend Phil to anyone whose business needs an online presence.”

—Gilbert Nero, President, USA Money Today

Las Vegas, NV


“An Asset to My Local SEO Company”

“Phil has been a tremendous asset to my own local SEO consultancy business. Whenever I run into any complex issues with Google+ Local or any aspects of local SEO for that matter, I turn to Phil. He’s always quick to respond with helpful advice. But what I like most about Phil (aside from his extensive knowledge on all things local), is that he’s honest, ethical, and just a great guy to work with. We are lucky to have someone like him in our industry!”

Travis Van Slooten, Minneapolis, MN—Travis Van Slooten, Local SEO Consultant, TVS Internet Marketing

Minneapolis, MN


“Customers Actually Showed Up”

“Searching for a better way to reach local customers, I clicked on a PPC ad and ordered a $300 guide to getting found locally. Phil’s Local Visibility System came and I followed the steps. Each one was logical, simple and easy to enact. Within a month I saw results. Not just impressions, or clicks, but real results in terms of sales. Customers actually showed up and told me they found me online and more importantly told me how and what they clicked to find me…I made the $300 back in just one sale and have benefited from my investment in the Local Visibility System many times over…I am buying Adwords clicks at about $2.50 each. That means that I got $5700 in clicks for a one time investment of $300—and it’s an investment that lives on and keeps bringing me customers.”

—Dan DiTomaso, President, Stone Masters Inc.

Kennett Square, PA
#1 locally for “countertops,” “granite countertops”


“The Best Advice for Local Visibility”

“Phil by far has the best advice when it comes to local visibility….I have implemented his ideas and now I am “A” locally for the areas I am trying to reach. This guy knows it all!”

—Michael Baker, Owner, Ambiance Pool Service

Tucson, AZ

#1 in Tucson for “pool service”
#2 in Tucson for “pool repair”


“Getting 50 to 100 Calls a Day”

“Since I bought one of Phil’s local search reports for Google Places my site is producing off the charts. I used to think that just having a web site was enough and I would get a couple of calls here and there but now with a couple of fast, free and easy techniques and tweaks that Phil showed me I am getting 50 to 100 calls a day. My phone literally rings off the hook! The economy is horrible but I am wringing out every drop and doing better than I did when it was booming thanks to where I show up in the search engines. I highly recommend Phil’s help to everyone that has a business and wants to dramatically reduce advertising costs and increase the volume of calls to your office. It was money well spent! Thanks Phil!

“PS I get an email every week or so from Phil with suggestions and advice. I follow it to the T. He helps me keep my Google Places page at the top of my Priority List and at the top of Google.”

—Scott Hensley, Owner, Affordable Concrete Cutting

Saugus, MA
#1 for “concrete cutting” in Boston and North Shore area of Massachusetts

If you’re interested in discovering more about how I might be able to help your business get more visible to local customers, feel free to contact me or to check out my services.

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