The Lazy Man’s Way to Find Local Link Opportunities (in 5 Seconds Or Less)

Has your local SEO person nagged you to earn a few good links?

I hope so, because that’s good advice.  Especially since the Pigeon update, your ability to do RCS and earn links – like from local media and local causes – has become key to ranking well in competitive markets.

Maybe your local SEO-er specifically told you to “sponsor a local meetup, like on”  That’s a good thing to do, and a good link.

But where do you start?

Here’s what you do…you type this into Google verbatim: “this group does not have sponsors right now”

To narrow the search results, stick your state or a city (any city) at the end, like: “this group does not have sponsors right now” CA

Or: “this group does not have sponsors right now” Fullerton


Why does this work?  Because all groups without sponsors have a page with the same boilerplate wording:

Now get in touch with the organizer(s) and see how you can help.  Be sure to read’s guidelines first.

Update 12/8/14: Jon Cooper was nice enough to add this tip to his unequaled link-building strategies resource.  You’ll want to look at the other strategies in there, and see how they can fit in with the one for sponsorships. By the way, his course is some of the best money you can spend on your local-SEO education.

Any success sponsoring meetups?

What are your favorite easy local-link-finding techniques?

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