GetFiveStars Review-Encouragement Tool Goes from Good to Great

I’m impressed by how far has come in the last 6 months.  It’s gone from a promising way to encourage reviews to a tool that’s been sharpened by the real-world needs of business owners (and review geeks like me).

In case you haven’t seen it – or read my fairly recent interview with Don Campbell – GetFiveStars is an email-based system for asking your customers / clients / patients for reviews.

But it doesn’t take a spray-n’-pray approach to asking for reviews: it first asks customers how happy they are with their experiences with you.  If they’re basically happy, it encourages them to leave a review on a site of their choice, and provides them with the links and some basic instructions.  If they’re not so happy, it encourages them to contact you so you can fix things.

The best thing about the tool is it’s always improving.  Don Campbell and Mike Blumenthal – the smart guys who developed the tool – have seen to that.

For example, one issue that Darren Shaw and I noticed recently was that customers sometimes weren’t sure exactly where to write feedback.  The screen that asks customers how happy they are also asked them to write a tiny blurb on their experiences.  But some customers thought that was the only feedback they were being asked to write – and didn’t realize the business owner also wanted a review on Google+, or Yahoo, or wherever.  Don and Mike streamlined the process by not asking for that little blurb up-front.

It also didn’t used to include instructions on the page that contains the buttons / links to the review sites.

But now there are quick pointers, right next to the buttons.  GetFiveStars is doing an increasingly good job of applying what I call the “zigzag” technique of asking for reviews – that is, not pushing people toward any one review site, but directing them based on what’s easiest for them (and you).

Anyway, I think you’ll like the results if you use GetFiveStars for your business or for a client’s.  And if you have ideas for how to improve it, I’m sure Don and Mike would love your feedback.

If you have any interest whatsoever in getting more reviews – and getting to know your customers a little better – I suggest checking out the free trial of GetFiveStars.

BrightLocal Webinar on Local Reviews

Today I had the pleasure once again of speaking on a webinar put on by BrightLocal.  It’s part of the InsideLocal series of webinars that’s been going since July, and that will continue through the end of the year.

The one today was all about reviews.

Here’s the video, and below it is the slide deck.



Thanks again to Myles Anderson for inviting me, and to Don Campbell (fellow speaker) and Linda Buquet (Q&A moderator) for a great job.

Any questions?  Thoughts on review strategy?  Feel free to leave a comment on Linda’s forum, or right here.