How Long Local SEO Takes: the Short Version

Some topics demand epic blog posts.  The question of how long it might take your business to see good results from a local SEO campaign is one of those topics.

If you’ve read my post on this from last October, you know that it took a few vials of cyber-ink for me and 10 of my fellow local-search junkies to get our opinions across.

But sometimes you just want a handy recap.  A project I was working on with Ken Fagan recently led me to whip together such CliffsNotes.

Wondering roughly how long it might take for your business to get visible in the Google+Local search results?  Print this out and clear your kids’ artwork off the fridge:

(click to enlarge)

Please note that although the above “cheat-sheet” largely reflects my fellow local SEOers’ opinions, it doesn’t speak for them: Rather, it’s a summary of my opinion, informed by theirs.

Oh, and be sure to read the Big Daddy post if you haven’t already.

Special thanks to David Deering of Touch Point Digital Marketing for spiffing up the cheat-sheet.  He kindly offered his eye for design to create a version that’s sexier than the version I originally threw together for this post.

Any questions?  Penny for your thoughts?  How about leaving a comment?