Done-for-You Local Visibility

Sometimes you just want the fish.

We both know the saying, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Learning to fish is great.  But it takes a while. And you don’t catch many fish in the meantime.

What if you don’t have time to sit in the boat all day with a bunch of empty beer cans and watch “the master”?  Or what if you simply don’t feel like learning how to fish?  That’s probably when you start exploring other options.

Getting visible to customers in local Google is no different.  You can always learn how to do it.  But maybe you’ve learned as much as you want to, and now just want some visibility (AKA the fish).

That’s what my “done-for-you” local visibility service is for.  It’s for you if you don’t have time to do all the local SEO legwork yourself.

You’re pressed for time, so I’m going to try to describe it in one breath. Here goes:

I can help get your business more visible to your local customers in Google Places. I’ll take care of 90% of the work, and will walk you through the other 10% that I simply can’t do for you.  It’s a one-time investment of $2400 – broken up into 3 payments of $800.

Those are the basics.  If you’d like to find out more, simply read on.

“Once we worked with Phil on Google Places, we shot up to the top in no time. We have had a great return on our investment with his ‘Done-for-You’ Local Visibility. When we ask new patients how they heard about us, they say that our listing was the top search for ‘Fresno Dentist,’ and seeing that we were at the top of each category, they knew that our office was right for them.”
—Dr. J. Art Mirelez, Jr., Mirelez Wellness Dental, Fresno, CA
#1 for “Fresno dentist”

If you own a small business and want to rank better in the local search results then you need to go with Phil and his team, who always do a great job. My phone is ringing, and yours can ring also if you give them a chance.
—Greg Lucas, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, Seattle, WA
#3 in Seattle for “carpet cleaning”

“I got Phil’s Done for You service…for my wintertime business, rooftop ice removal. He kept me in the Google Places Top 3 all winter (and I’m still there to this day), and this was a major factor in having the most profitable winter in my 16 years in business.”
Joe Palumbo,, Minneapolis, MN
#1 in Minneapolis for “ice dam removal”

How I’ll help get you found by customers: 5 steps

There are 5 main steps to getting your business locally visible in Google.  You’d follow these same steps if you wanted to get your business visible yourself (my free guide shows you how): the only difference is here I take care of everything for you. The steps are:

Step 1. I optimize your Google Places page. Some major steps include making sure your basic business info (like your phone number and address) is formatted properly and choosing the right “Categories” for your business.  This part isn’t too hard or time-intensive…if you know what you’re doing.  There are many ways to incur a penalty from Google by filling out your listing incorrectly, so a huge part of what I do is make sure your page complies with Google’s guidelines so you don’t get penalized.  I also troubleshoot and fix common but insidious problems and bugs — like “duplicate” Google listings, which can hurt your rankings without your knowledge.

Step 2. I tune up your website for maximum local visibility.  Getting visible in local Google involves some classic “on-page” SEO techniques. The quality of your website in general has become more and more crucial to your local Google rankings over the past couple of years. (By the way, if you’d rather make the changes in-house, I can tell you or your webmaster exactly what to do to fix up your site.)

Step 3. My assistant and I list your business on 30-40 important sites — like,, and others. (If you’re already listed on certain sites, we fix your listings there.) I also research which websites your competitors are listed on and look for sites that are influential in your specific industry and region, and I list you on those.  This process is called “citation-building.” This is the most time- and labor-intensive step — whether you do it or my assistant and I do it.

Step 4. I help you get reviews from your customers.   More detail here. (I’ll also custom-make my proprietary and popular review handouts for you.)

Step 5. I research link opportunities – places where you can earn links with a little effort. (Here’s an example.) Yes, this step takes some involvement on your part, but I do the hard part: finding specific link opportunities. I’ll send you all my suggestions on 1-2 pages.

“Not only has Phil’s Google visibility program brought me clients, but it’s nice when those clients include IT professionals who look at your website and online presence and compliment you by saying ‘this is how it should be done’.”
—Patrick Flanagan, Esq., Flanagan Law Office, Hugo, MN
#1 in Hugo and Centerville, MN for “personal injury attorney,” “personal injury lawyer,” “criminal lawyer,” and “criminal attorney”


Why my Done-for-You service is a wise choice

You’ve probably come across other people who claim to offer “local SEO.”  Maybe you’ve worked with them.

Some of those people do a good job. Many do not.

Let me describe how working with me is different, so you can draw your own conclusions:

I’m up-front

Difference #1:  I’ll tell you if you don’t need my Done-for-You service. I may recommend another service of mine, or I might recommend someone else entirely.  I’d rather turn you down than let you down. (Feel free to fill out my questionnaire right now.)

Difference #2:  You already know what you need to invest to get more visible in local Google — because I told you right on this page: $2400.  Many companies require you to call or fill out a form before they give you even a ballpark estimate.  A “free quote”…yeah, big favor.  That means you’re giving them all the facts on your business before you have any idea how much they’re going to charge.  That’s about as transparent as the mechanic who tells you he needs to replace 10 parts in your engine before he can tell you why the oil light is on.  I’d rather be transparent and up-front with you.  It saves time for both of us.

“It has been a pleasure working with Phil, he never left me in the dark and always explained what he was doing to get us ranked better on Google places and it worked and saved me a ton of time. I would highly recommend him.”
—Chris Swearengin,
Page 1 in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Lansing, MI for “roofing,” “roofer,” and similar terms

You’re always in the driver’s seat

Difference #3:  You’ll always be in control of your Google listing. I’ll insist we use a “Google Account” that YOU have created to list your business in Google.  Some companies will hold you hostage by managing your listing in an account they control.  If you don’t need them any more…well, you’re still going to pay them, or else.  The Eagle Scout in me doesn’t approve.  That’s why I insist that you hold onto the keys.

Difference #4:  I’ll never keep you in the dark about what I did to get your business visible.  I’ll send you routine updates on the steps I’ve taken, in however much detail you’d like.  If you want, I’ll show you how you can implement the steps yourself.  You’ll always have the comfort of knowing what’s going on.


You get visible in Google’s local results and don’t pay for fluff

Difference #5:  I focus on getting you visible in Google, which is where most customers search locally.  I’ll also make sure you’re visible in Yahoo and Bing, but as of now local Google is where you’ll win (or lose) the most customers, which is why I focus on getting you visible to customers there.

Difference #6:  I don’t try to squeeze extra money out of you by throwing in a bunch of Facebook and Twitter stuff you can easily do yourself.  Too many “marketing experts” hock overpriced package deals, where you’re paying for line items that “promote brand awareness” (whatever that means) but that don’t get you in front of real customers with open wallets.  I focus on the highest-payoff area: Google.

Difference #7:  My work is custom-tailored to you: your business, your market, and your goals.  I’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your business.   I’ll never send you canned content of any kind, and I’ll always scrutinize your Google Places page and website (and maybe your competitors’) before I suggest or do anything.

Difference #8:  You get my personal attention, every step of the way. That doesn’t mean I’m a one-man show (heck, even Santa Claus has his elves).  I have a couple of trusty sidekicks who help me out.  They’re Americans (not poor souls in the Philippines getting paid minimum-wage to do the grunt work).  To the extent my assistants assist me, I’m like the executive chef who makes sure every dish that comes out of the kitchen meets your standards and mine.  Unlike many “experts,” I don’t just slap my name on someone else’s handiwork and just assume it’s being done properly: I get my hands dirty during every phase of increasing your local visibility to customers.


It’s a safe long-term investment

Difference #9:  I’m here to answer your questions.  You’ll never feel high and dry, and you’ll always know how your local visibility is progressing.

“In 3 months, we were #1 in local Google for our search. It has been over 6 months now and we are still #1. In addition, our website also ranks high in neighboring cities…He’s been great to work with, and has continued to be there to help us through any glitches.”
—Kiva Schreiber, Squeeky Clean Window Cleaning, Medford, OR
#1 in Medford for “window cleaners” and #2 “window cleaning”

Difference #10:  Your local visibility pays dividends over time.  High visibility in Google brings you local customers without your having to throw money at ads constantly — which allows you to use that money to grow other parts of your business.  Your wings won’t be clipped by your ad budget any more.  Being visible in local Google gives you options for growing.

“…it’s an investment that lives on and keeps bringing me customers.”
—Dan DiTomaso, Stone Masters Inc, Kennett Square, PA
#1 locally for “countertops” and “granite countertops”

Next steps for more visibility to customers

You have three options for attracting more local customers:

Option 1)  Do nothing and hope for the best.

Option 2)  Apply the techniques in my free guide and on my blog.  If you have the time to implement, my free resources show you exactly how you can go about getting visible in local Google.  But that’s a big “if.”

Option 3)  Start getting better local visibility right now. My Done-for-You service is a one-time investment of $2400 – broken up into 3 payments of $800. How far apart those payments are is up to you (most clients prefer 1 per month). You can get started today.

If you don’t have time to wrangle with local search yourself, this is the way to go.  Once you complete the Paypal transaction, I’ll touch base with you by email and send a receipt for your records (by the way, my service should be 100% tax-deductible, because it’s an investment in your business).

To get started right now, just click the Paypal button:

To Your Success, Locally and Everywhere!

Phil Rozek

“Thanks again for all your good work. There has been a solid and noticeable increase in calls.”
—Ayodeji Badaki, Esq., The Badaki Law Firm, LLC, Hagerstown MD
#1 in Hagerstown for “bankruptcy lawyer” and “bankruptcy attorney”

“I am getting 50 to 100 calls a day…The economy is horrible but I am doing better than I did when it was booming thanks to where I show up in the search engines. I highly recommend Phil’s help to everyone that has a business and wants to dramatically reduce advertising costs and increase the volume of calls to your office.”
—Scott Hensley, Affordable Concrete Cutting, Saugus MA
#1-3 for “concrete cutting” throughout greater Boston


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