Ultimate Customer Review Toolkit

The complete 5-piece toolkit for getting more customer reviews

Do you feel like your customer reviews don’t do justice to your business?

Maybe you have a couple of dud reviews from customers who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Or maybe you don’t have enough reviews.

Or maybe your best customers haven’t yet written you reviews that showcase your awesomeness.

Perhaps you’re just looking for every way you can improve your local rankings and get the phone to ring a little more.

Not only can reviews boost your rankings in Google’s local search results, but customers largely choose between you and your competitors based on who has more and better reviews.

It’s not simply a matter of having “Google reviews”—which customers write directly on your business’s “Google+ Local” page (formerly known as your Google Places page).  True, you’re much more likely to rank well if you have Google reviews.

But if you want maximum local visibility, you also need reviews written on directory sites.  Which means you need to show different customers how to write reviews on different sites.

Having no reviews, a handful of mixed reviews, or negative reviews is a great way to turn off (or even scare off) potential customer.  Talk about a waste of whatever local rankings your business has.

You know you’d attract more local customers if your reviews were as strong as the rest of your business.

The trouble is some customers easily get confused, and you don’t have time to walk each one through the process. You’ve probably found it frustrating to ask for reviews in the first place.

Maybe you’ve asked customers for reviews and tried to show each one how to post a review…one at a time.  Maybe that’s worked well—but my guess is it hasn’t.

So, the bad news is a body of good online reviews can be tough to get. As a result, your reviews don’t showcase your business and its excellence as well as they could.

But the good news is all you need is an easy system for showing your customers how to write reviews quickly and without hassle.

One way you can get the reviews you need is with my Ultimate Customer-Review Toolkit.  It contains every type of one-page review “handout” I make (which I also use for helping my clients get reviews).

I custom-make each handout for you—so that all the steps are specific to your business.

I also include your business logo, contact info, and whatever else you’d like me to put in your review handouts.

Here are the materials you get—all custom-made to your business:

Review Tool 1:  A Google Plus review handout. It’s a customized one-page handout that walks your customers through how to sign up for a free Google Plus account, find your Google+ Local page (AKA your Google Places page), and write a review for you — all in 3 minutes flat.  You can print copies or email it to customers in unlimited quantities.  (See example.)

I’ve made these “Google review handouts” for nearly 500 business owners—including all my clients—in 41 US states, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK.  I’ve had a lot of opportunity to hone and perfect the handouts, and although it took a while, I can say that they work.

Instant Home Run
“I had created several handouts to give my clients, that they in turn would give to their customers to walk them through the review process, but the “Google Review Handout” I bought from Phil was an instant home run, my clients love it because it saves them time and they get more reviews.”
—Bill Enross
Bill Enross Internet Marketing, Foxboro, MA

(see 29 other testimonials for the Google+Local review handout)


Review Tools 2-5:  Four review handouts for other review sites of your choice. Having reviews on sites like CitySearch and InsiderPages can help your Google local rankings and can help you attract customers from these other sources.  If you’ve wanted to get more reviews on these sites or on pretty much any other mainstream review site, you’re in luck.

I also make review handouts for industry-specific sites like HealthGrades, Vitals, Avvo, DealerRater, and WeddingWire.

In other words, you tell me a site you’d like more reviews on, and I’ll make the easy-to-follow instructions you can give to your customers.

Check out some examples of each type of third-party handout I offer:







Avvo (attorneys)

HealthGrades (doctors)

Vitals (doctors)

Probably the best way to approach Yelp is to get my cutting-edge “Zigzag” review handout.  (Why?  Check out my presentation from SMX West.)

By the way, if there’s a different site for which you’d like a review handout, just let me know and I could most likely make it.

You can substitute any of these handouts for each other. That means you’re in luck if you happen to have multiple locations or even multiple businesses and want more than one handout of a given type (for instance, you want two Google Plus handouts).

If you were to order these 5 review tools individually, it would be $100.  But you can get the whole package now for $75.

The reason I’m taking 25% off is because once I’ve made one review handout or other review-gathering materials for a given business, it’s relatively easy to make others, because some of the components I create I can use for several of your review handouts at once (like the contact info or logo, for instance).  I get into a groove.

Simply click the Paypal button to get the 5-piece system for getting all the customer reviews you need, for $75:

(Please check the email address you use for Paypal, as well as your “junk” folder. We need to connect before I can send you any review materials, because I’ll need to ask you a few questions about your business in order to customize your handouts.)


My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee is simple: you have a full 90 days to see how you like your customized review-gathering system.  Both you and your customers must find the materials easy to use, and you must be satisfied with the reviews you get, or I’ll give you a full refund upon request, no questions asked.

To Your Success, Locally and Everywhere!

Phil Rozek

Top-Notch Service & Attention to Detail
“The Ultimate Customer Review Toolkit is great! Phil has great tools to get reviews for your business. His service and attention to detail was top notch. If you want more reviews for your business I highly recommend getting his Customer Review Toolkit.”
—Brian O’Neill
HouseMaids, Sarasota, FL

Thorough & Easy to Understand
“Phil did a top notch job with our review toolkit. His entire review posting process was thorough and easy to understand — for us and for our clients.”
—Shawn Vink
AutoDominator, Inc, Orlando, FL

Crystal-Clear & Indispensable for Getting Reviews
“I’ve purchased all of Phil’s “Google review” materials, and they’re outstanding. Crystal-clear organisation, easy for my clients to give their customers & easy for customers to follow. Indispensable tools for getting Google Places reviews.”
—Mark Watts
SEOManchester, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, UK

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