One-Page Handout for Customer Reviews on Directory Sites

In any effective customer-review campaign, you need to ask customers to write reviews on your “Google+Local” page (formerly your Places page)…and through third-party directory sites. Sites like CitySearch, Yelp, InsiderPages, or any number of others.

You know why Google Plus reviews matter: They help your rankings, they make your business pop out in the search results, and customers who read them are more likely to pick up the phone. But how do reviews on other sites help?

For the same reasons.  They, too, are a factor in your Google local rankings. You’re more likely to rank well locally if you have reviews on a variety of sites. To Google, it’s like having many voices that speak highly of your business, rather than just one.

Even more importantly, having great reviews on sites other than Google helps you attract people.  Not only the people who prefer those directory sites, but also the people who find your business in Google or Bing, then search for your business by name.  What comes up in the search results when they search for you by name?  All the sites where customers have written reviews for you.

Having reviews on as many sites as possible will help you attract more customers.

Problem: customers get confused

So reviews on directory sites are important. But do you have any?

If not, I’m guessing the reason is that – as with Google reviews – it can be confusing for customers to write reviews on these sites.

Each site has a different layout, and different steps for writing a review.

Your customers have probably read reviews by other people on these sites, but probably haven’t ever written reviews on them.  They could figure it out themselves…or they could get confused and give up and leave you without a review.

Solution: make it easy for them

The good news is it’s easy to get reviews on directory sites IF you give your customers clear instructions for how to post a quick review.

The other good news is I can custom-make these simple instructions for you: one-page handouts that you can simply print and hand to your customers or email to them, which walk them through exactly how to write a review for you…on a site of your choice.

In addition to the Google review handouts that I’ve made hundreds of, I make review handouts for the following sites:







Avvo (for attorneys)

HealthGrades (for doctors)

Vitals (for doctors)

(Click on any of the links to see an example.)

What about Yelp? You can get my cutting-edge “Zigzag” review handout. This is one of only a few good ways to facilitate Yelp reviews without violating Yelp’s rules or getting all your reviews filtered.

Those are really good sites to have reviews on, which is why I’ve focused on them for my clients.

But if there’s another site you’d like more customer reviews on, chances are I can give you a simple one-page handout you can give your customers.  If you need it, I can probably make it.  (Just ask!)

Of course, you should never offer incentives for reviews.  All you’re doing is asking your customers whether they’d like to review you and, if so, give them simple instructions for how to do it.  That’s what my handouts are for.

These review handouts make your life easy in a lot of ways.  They are:

  • Simple and easy – for your customers and for you.  I include pictures of most of the steps, so your customers can see right away where to go and what to do in order to find your business listing and write you a review.  This means you don’t have to spend your time explaining the process to every customer.
  • One page – not page after page of daunting instructions.
  • Easily printable – because it’s a PDF document.  You can simply hand copies to customers.
  • Easy to email.  Customers can open the documents whether they use a PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone.  They can also click on links that I’ve embedded in the document in order to complete the steps.
  • Custom-made.  The steps are specific to your business.  I even include an example review that’s written as one of your customers would write it.
  • Perfect.  If you see a change you’d like me to make after I send you your handout initially, I can make any necessary tweaks to it.  I can even make tweaks later on – like if you ever rename or relocate your business.

If you’d like to bolster your customer-review campaign and Google rankings with reviews from directory sites…you can get started right now by getting the instructions that make it a breeze for you and your customers.  You can get your custom-made review handout for $20 flat.

Simply click the Paypal button to start getting some great reviews and better local visibility to customers:

Soon after you click the button, I’ll email you to check what review site you’d like me to make your handout for, and where I can find your business listing.( Please check the email address you use for Paypal, as well as your “junk” folder. We need to connect before I can send you anything.)


My 1-Year, 100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee is simple: you have a full 365 days to see how you like your customized review handout.  Both you and your customers must find it easy to use, and you must be satisfied with the reviews it helps bring you, or I’ll give you a full refund upon request.

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