Giving Back

Any kind of giving is noble.  But sometimes you’d like to help out in ways that you know don’t involve subsidizing the Big Charity CEO’s new hot tub.

Here are some causes that mean a lot to me:

Visibility for Veterans

Are you a US veteran?  Or is someone in your family serving overseas while you run the business?  If you’ve made that kind of sacrifice for the US of A, I’d like to offer you some free help on your local visibility.  (Read more.)

(By the way, please let me know if you’re a local SEO-er who wants to help vets.)

Paws of Plainville Cat Shelter

My wife, Stefanie, volunteered several hours there each week for over 3 years.  We donate money, too.

We adopted our cat, Peanut, from the shelter.  Before we met her there, it was volunteers who chipped in to give her veterinary care that saved her life.

Although Peanut is a bit of a star – having appeared in several of my posts – there are other cats like her.  They need help.

If you donate to the cats (and show me the receipt) you’ll make a lot of feline friends, and you’ll have a favor in the Local Visibility System piggy bank.  (Yes, that means free local SEO advice.)

The Literacy Center – Attleboro

People who come to America and work hard for their families have my utmost respect.  Learning English is one of many hurdles, andit’s a big one.  I was an ESL tutor for a year, and know how much work is involved for learners, teachers, and tutors.

As with the cats, if you’d like to donate to The Literacy Center I’d like to offer you some free local-search help.


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