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Please email me if you don’t find your answer here.  Note: this FAQ isn’t about all the ins and outs of ranking well.  That’s what my blog posts and free guide are for.


How do I know you can help MY business?

I suppose you can’t know ahead-of-time, but you can be confident.

I’ve helped all kinds of business owners.  You can see testimonials from some of my clients.  You can read their reviews online (just Google “Local Visibility System“).  You can read all about my experience.  There’s more than enough info online about me and my work for you to decide whether I offer the kind of help you want.

It’s easy to know what specifically what I’ll help you with, because I lay out those steps in my blog posts and in my free guide.  I also try to describe my approach on the pages for specific services I offer (like here and here).  You can judge for yourself whether those steps sound like they can help your business.

If you’re interested in my services, please fill out my questionnaire and send it back to me.  I’ll have a look at your situation and let you know whether I can help.


Can you guarantee specific rankings?

No.  Nobody can.  But I can help you as I’ve helped others.


I have a list of keywords I want to rank for.  Can I rank for all of them?

Maybe.  It depends on many factors – like what your business is, how dead-on relevant each of the keywords is to your services, how many competitors are nearby, and on your strategy and how hard you’re willing to work.  Google doesn’t hand out many local monopolies.  I’ll let you know what’s realistic.


I serve many towns.  Can I rank well in all of them?

Depends.  It’s usually possible for you to get visible in all of the towns you serve if you have a staffed office and Google My Business in each town.  It’s more of a “maybe” if you only have one location, and a much-wider service area.  For better or for worse, you can’t cherry-pick. You can’t take the “local” out of the local search results.

If we work together, I’ll lay out your options as I see them, and we can discuss ethical, Google-compliant, doable strategies (like this one) for extending your reach.


How long does it take to get visible?

Depends on what’s been holding you back.  If you’ve got a good strategy, put in the work, and don’t waste time, you might see noticeable results in a few months.  The sooner you start digging the well, the better.


Do you only work with US clients?

No.  I’ve worked with many business owners outside the US.  Of course, most of my clients are fellow Americans.  But I like working with smart, hardworking business owners from any country.


Do your techniques also work in other countries?

They sure do.  Google doesn’t care what country your business is in.  The basic process of getting visible to the right customers is exactly the same, with only a few twists:

  • Local markets in other countries sometimes may have different levels of local competition (like a greater or lower density of competitors in a specific city)
  • The “keywords” may be different, because people have different ways of searching.
  • You might need to list your business on different third-party local directories from the ones that matter in America.
  • The review sites might differ.
  • There may be a difference in the link opportunities available to you and practical for you to pursue.


Why are you giving me all this free info?  Are you trying to sell me something?

Of course I present my services on this site.  Like you, I’m a business owner.  I’d be a fool if I didn’t make sure you know full well about how I can help you, if you want my personal help.

But I never push my offerings.  I try to practice “give before you get.”  I also try to give you choices as to how you’d like my help – hence all the free DIY info on this site and in my email newsletter.


Phil, I want to work with you, and I just called you.  Why did I get your voicemail?

I can only get on the phone if we’ve got a time scheduled.  How do we schedule a time?  Either by your booking a Mastermind session (if a consultation is what you want), or by filling out my questionnaire if you’re interested in my X-Ray or Long-Haul services.  I’ll let you know if and when the best next step is to schedule a pow-wow.


I like the stuff you’ve written.  Can I pass it along to my friends?

Absolutely.  Thanks in advance.


Do you have an affiliate system?

As in something I sell through ClickBank that you can simply sign up to sell?  No.  But I’m open to hearing creative ways we can help each other out.  Just email me a rough sketch of what you have in mind, and specifically how it will help both of us.


Can you help my clients on a white-label basis?

Depends on what you’re looking for.

Let’s say you want my hands-on help.  If you want me and my helpers to “handle everything” behind-the-scenes, while your clients themselves aren’t really involved and expect you do “handle everything” without their involvement, then I probably can’t help.  Effective local SEO takes teamwork.

On the other hand, if you and your clients collaborate well, then I can probably collaborate well with you and them.

My local SEO audits are very easy to white-label.  Your best bet is an audit if you want to continue handling the implementation for a client, but just want a clear and doable action for getting them unstuck.


Do you offer a discount for marketing agencies?

No, because I’ll still be doing the same amount of work for you.


Can you produce some white-label materials?

Maybe.  Just tell me what you’re looking for.


Did you find the answer to your question? I hope so.  If not, please drop me a line.


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