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Note: this isn’t an FAQ about all the ins and outs of ranking well.  (That’s what my blog and 7-step guide are for.)



Can you guarantee me a #1 ranking in my local market?

No.  Nobody can.  But I can help you as I’ve helped others.


How do I know you can help MY business?

You can never be absolutely certain, but you can be pretty confident:

I’ve helped all kinds of business owners.  You can see testimonials from some of my clients.  You can also read all about my experience.

It’s easy to know what work I’ll do for you because I’ve laid it out in detail in my blog posts and in my free guide.  You can judge for yourself whether those steps sound like they can help your business.

However you go about it, I hope you do what feels right to you.


After you get my business visible in local Google, do I have to pay you to maintain my visibility?

No.  Once you’re visible, it’s generally not hard to maintain visibility.  I’ll  show you how to stay visible to customers.  I do this so that you at least have the option of maintaining your local visibility by yourself, regardless of whether you want ongoing help from me.


Can you improve my organic rankings in Google, too?

Probably.  Getting visible in local Google involves—among other things—making some tune-ups to your website.  This usually helps boost your website’s organic ranking.  So a common “bonus” of my work on your local visibility is that your organic visibility will also improve.  I’ll also help you build the types of pages that tend to rank well organically.


I have a list of keywords I want to rank for. Can I rank for all of them?

Maybe.  It depends on lots of factors—like what your business is, how dead-on relevant each of the keywords is to your services, and how many businesses like yours are in your local area.  The most important factor is whether 3-7 Google local-business results pop up on the first page when you type those keywords into Google. (You can’t show up visibly in the Google+ Local search results for a given keyword when Google isn’t even showing the local search results for that keyword.)

The key thing to realize is that it’s very tough to engineer exactly what keywords you’ll be found for.  That’s just how local SEO is. But if you know the basic service or terms you’d like to get found for locally (e.g., “roofing” or “optometrist”), then we can get your business visible for a whole bunch of keywords related to the most basic ones that describe you.


I serve lots of local towns. Can I get visible in Google in all of them?

It’s definitely possible for you to get visible in all of the towns you serve IF you have a Google+ Local business listing for and a physical location in each town.  It’s more of a “maybe” if you only have one location: in that case, it’s also possible (though a bit harder) to get visible in the neighboring towns you serve.

What’s nearly impossible is to cherry-pick: to get visible in a city your business isn’t physically located in or within a couple miles of.  At least as far as Google Places goes; you can get visible in the local-organic results all over the place, if you play your cards right.

You can’t take the “local” out of local search.


Do you only work with US clients?

No.  I’ve worked with business owners outside the US.  Of course, most of my clients are fellow Americans.  But I like working with smart, hardworking business owners from any country.


Google Places in general

Isn’t there more to local visibility than just Google? Is it the be-all end-all?

Yes, it’s good to be visible in other areas of the Web, and no, Google isn’t the be-all end-all.  Bing Places is slowly becoming more popular, but it’s a distant second.  Apple Maps is far from its potential.

But visibility in Google is by far the most important: of every 10 people who search locally for a business, 7 of them refer to Google’s local-search results (about 3 billion local searches each month).  

If you can get all the customers you need by other means, by all means continue to use them.  More power to you.  But if you don’t feel you’re getting enough customers, Google is most likely where you’ll find them, and it ought to be priority #1.


You seem to focus on the US. Do your techniques also work in other countries?

They sure do.  Google doesn’t care what country your business is in.  The only differences are that local markets in other countries sometimes may have different levels of local competition (e.g., a greater or lower density of competitors in a specific city), or that you might need to list your business on different third-party sites than you would need to in America.  But the local-visibility process is mostly the same.


This site

Why are you giving me all this free info? Are you trying to sell me something?

Of course I offer my services on this site.  Like you, I run a business.  I’d be a fool if I didn’t make sure you know full well about how I can help you, if you want me to.

But I never push my offerings.  I try to give before I get.  I try to give you choices as to how you’d like to get more visible — hence all the free info on this site and in my emails.


Where’s your Facebook page?

I started using Facebook back in ’06—several years before everyone and his grandmother had one.  But I don’t use it as “home base” for my business (this site is home base).

If you want to stay up-to-date, the best way is to get on my email list and to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


I like your materials. Can I pass them along to my friends?

Absolutely.  Please let me know when you do, so I can say thanks.



Do you have an affiliate system?

As in something I sell through ClickBank that you can simply sign up to sell?  No.  But I’m open to hearing creative ways we can help each other out.  Just email me a rough sketch of what you have in mind.


Can you produce some “white-label” materials?

Maybe.  Just tell me what you’re looking for.


Did you find the answer to your question? I hope so.  If not, please drop me a line.


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