How Much Do You Know about Local Reviews? Take This Quiz

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Like it or not, your business hinges on your reputation (or soon will).  Your online reviews are an ever-growing part of your reputation – and sometimes they’re one and the same.  But getting happy customers / clients / patients to speak up is hard.

There’s much more to it than just, “Run a good business and ask your customers.”  Those two things are essential, but they’ll only get you so far.  Whether your review strategy is pretty good or phenomenal depends on how well you know details, particularly the ins and outs of each review site that matters.

Even if you’ve done OK on reviews so far, you probably want to do even better.

Even if your business has done well so far with few or no reviews, you’ll need good reviews to bump it up a level.  Also, you don’t want to wait until you’re in a hole with negative reviews to get serious about getting the happy people to speak up.

Do you have what it takes to start racking up the reviews? My 20-question quiz will tell you.

It’s tough, but doable.  It’s not trivia or history quiz.  All the questions focus on the real-life challenges you face as a business owner who works hard to win customers, works even harder to do a good job for them, and just wants more of them to speak up online. (It’s also relevant if you’re an SEO or other marketer and want to help your clients on reviews.)

Good luck!

What’s your score?

Any questions?  (Please don’t give away the answers.)

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P.S.  Special thanks to Darren Shaw for his great feedback on the questions and answers.


  1. This is really fun, and educational, Phil!
    I scored 20/20, but I had advanced access to the professor’s questions and answers. 🙂

  2. Great quiz, Phil! I scored 14/20. Thanks for all the resources, too. You’re very generous!

  3. Great stuff as always Phil. I learned a lot in a short period of time!

  4. Hey Phil,

    Great quiz and resources to boot! I mentioned I thought #14 was a bit confusing upon first read. I think #10 is as well. For instance, #10 – “Which of the following does Google tell you not to do?”. Perhaps having it say “Which of the following does Google CURRENTLY tell you not to do”, as they have previously said to not ask for reviews. I also thought G said to not copy and paste reviews on your website as well, making all 3 of those somewhat correct.

    In #14, I immediately thought of Get5Stars and, both of which allow customers to review directly to their system and/or to G, Yelp, Facebook, your website, etc. I may be reading too far into the questions.

    Only potential minor adjustments to a well thought out quiz!

    • Hey, thanks, Brian.

      Good points all. I’ve tweaked the wording on #10 and #14.

      Re. #10: one is a gray area that seems to be OK for all intents and purposes, and the other is now a very clear no-no. But I can see the argument against copying and pasting.

      Re. #14: I didn’t want to name names, to the extent I could avoid it. GetFiveStars and are good partly because they encourage reviewers to go directly TO the review sites, because there’s no other way to post reviews on those places. Whereas with, say, a DemandForce – the only name I don’t mind naming here 🙂 – the “reviews” just live on and not on places people actually care about.

  5. Hey Phil,
    This quiz is so awesome! So much great info, and I definitely learned a thing or two that I didn’t know previously. The quiz just highlights how nuanced the online review space is and the frequent changes to various review site policies.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  6. Yay!!! I’m a rock star! Fun quiz, Phil 🙂 I had trouble understanding one question – the one relating to Google vs. paid tools. But this was a good quiz!

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