Yelp Monetizes the Description?

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Justin Mosebach of YDOP has noticed a new paid offering in some of his multi-location clients’ Yelp dashboards: the ability to add a description with “Specialties, History, Meet the Owner/Manager, Business Recommendations.”

Whoa, whoa…hold on: haven’t those kinds of business descriptions been showing up for years now on free Yelp listings?  Yes.  But the prompt to “contact Yelp sales” to add one appears to be new, which suggests that Yelp might be phasing out free rich descriptions for new listings.  Existing descriptions will probably be grandfathered in and stay put, at least for a while.

A few notes from Justin, based on a few questions I asked him:

1. He first noticed this on Friday.

2. It’s not showing up in all clients’ dashboards.

3. He didn’t use Yelp’s bulk-upload feature here.

4. He found a loophole / workaround to get a rich description for a new listing up for free.  (Justin asked that I not post it and prompt Yelp to close the loophole.)

Are you seeing this offer?  If so, when did you first notice it?

Have you noticed any other changes in Yelp?

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  1. Dang you, Yelp. Dang you straight to heck! 🙂

    So, um, what’s the loophole?!

  2. Darren: Emailing you the loophole now 🙂

  3. —> “Have you noticed any other changes in Yelp?” <—
    Not really, they are just as slippery as always 😉
    *I have one client (who doesn't advertise with yelp) with one (1 star) review showing and 15 (5 star) reviews filtered…
    and Yelp states " The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating".

    Thank you and have wonderful day too yelp 😉

  4. And the simple fact that they charge you money to rearrange the order of the photos you upload is next to insane.

  5. I want to know about this loophole! 🙂

  6. I’d love to hear the loophole too 🙂

  7. Hey matey,
    can I still get ur help
    re the loophole on yelp


  8. I want to know the loophole.

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