New Spammy Emails from Yelp to Business Owners

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I’ve seen Yelp’s advertising pitches and other pitches for years.  But this email I just got from Yelp HQ this afternoon is new:

The link just takes me to my business dashboard, where I see Yelp’s estimate of traffic to my Yelp page, clicks-through to my site, and their “revenue estimate” of how much money that traffic supposedly got me.

It seems like just another nudge to get you to pay for ads – and to pay for them now, before your link expires in 6 days (!).  Not too surprising, given Yelp’s recent struggles.

I like Yelp as a consumer, but hate it as an SEO and as a business owner.  This email isn’t going to endear Yelp to most people, although it may yield Yelp a little advertising lucre.

Have you received an email like this?  If so, when?

Do you think this is just another ad push?

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  1. Phil, I get these all the time at least once a month and they are worthless and a bother. I like using Yelp solely for that added citation. However I do use yelp as a business owner to find new leads. I can gather useful insight about a company I maybe interested in targeting.

  2. Problem is no matter how much traffic one gets on Yelp — the amount of leads (calls, Email inquires, custom form submissions, etc.) is always the same — hardly anything.

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