1. That’s awesome Phil! I totally intend to use the information at my company. You are by far the most valuable resource The Bird Marketing has seen with regards to local SEO. We truly appreciate what you do 🙂

  2. Phil

    Are you in my head? These are EXACTLY the principles I follow when doing my audits. Of course they are mainly non-local SEO, but everything still applies!

  3. Thanks for only creating content that is useful Phil. Seriously, I really appreciate knowing that I’m that getting useful, original resources when I reat your new posts. Refreshing, like a cold beer on a hot Texas summer afternoon.

  4. Phil – this is simply fantastic! And really cool to see the little empire of resources you’ve been building up internally that make some of these steps easier. An impressive piece!

  5. Fantastic writeup. What I do for points 1-4 is that I remove the business owner from my line of sight – I get access to all the systems myself so that I can view them as and when needed. Small business owners do not make you go through all the hoops of contracts and NDAs to just view their account info. Secondly, I ask for their developer and interact directly with them regarding implementation. In any case, the client is only going to forward back and forth the emails – so I keep them in the CC while interacting directly with the developer who knows what to do.


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