Factual Improves “Submit a Business” Form

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Now you don’t even have to wade through the guidelines and send an email to the right people to get your business listed on Factual.

You can just go to http://www.factual.com/contact and type your info to the right of the prompts in the “Your Message” box.

I don’t believe the “Factual ID” field is required unless you’re editing a listing that’s already in the system but incorrect.

As I wrote before, Factual makes it easy for you to list your business.  They seem to take maybe two-thirds of my clients’ submissions on the first try, so sometimes you need to keep working on your supporting citations and try again later.  Other than that, it’s a pain-free process.

They’re making it real easy for you now.  Go forth and list yourself on Factual.  It’s free, and important.


  1. avatar Morry Mitrani says

    This is a great move on Factual’s part. I have been wondering if they were actually using my edit requests, or if the requests were just getting lost in their email.

  2. Awesome! Like the other users said I don’t know if sending them the email did anything. But hope this helps someway…Great find Phil!

  3. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the Factual info. Just visited the Factual FAQ–The source of their very reliable information is none other than http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2013/09/17/top-local-seo-myths/
    Nice going

  4. Is the information on this post still accurate as of 8/29/2014 ?

    I tried to add our business via email to datacontributions@factual.com and got this response:

    Thank you for your interest in Factual. We have partnered with a select group of Trusted Data Contributors (TDCs) to add, update, and manage business listings in Factual. We are no longer accepting contributions via email; instead, please work with one of our TDCs directly to update your data within Factual. The full list along with contact information can be found here: http://developer.factual.com/trusted-data-contributors/.

    Those 3rd party websites charge for a listing, does this mean there is no longer a free method of getting a listing on factual.com?


    • Correct, Roberto: Factual recently changed its policy:


      • Factual’s new policy is nothing short of extortion. How they can either force you to attempt to use a very difficult API (if you are not a programmer) or pay to play to correct incorrect business info is beyond me.

        Maybe I should start a database with incorrect info, offer up a totally non-working API and partner up with some services. They if you beg me to change your address, I’ll just say.. hey you can use my API or pay my friends.

        I simply cannot see how this is legal. At the very least, they have too much power for the lack of service they offer. Which is pretty much zero.

  5. Factual’s business lookup does not work anymore. The website takes you to the user log in page, when you click this: http://tinyurl.com/yd3crmxz

    • Okay, so you need to sign up for Engine Beta. It lets you search your business the usual way when you are logged in.

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