BrightLocal Webinar on Local Reviews

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Today I had the pleasure once again of speaking on a webinar put on by BrightLocal.  It’s part of the InsideLocal series of webinars that’s been going since July, and that will continue through the end of the year.

The one today was all about reviews.

Here’s the video, and below it is the slide deck.



Thanks again to Myles Anderson for inviting me, and to Don Campbell (fellow speaker) and Linda Buquet (Q&A moderator) for a great job.

Any questions?  Thoughts on review strategy?  Feel free to leave a comment on Linda’s forum, or right here.


  1. Thanks for a great presentation Phil and for all the insights you shared! You and Don both did awesome!

  2. avatar Nick Carlson says

    Phil, was looking forward to your presentation but could not get gotowebinar to work. I emailed Myles to let him know (that if I had trouble maybe others did too). Will look for the link to the video replay when available

    • Thanks, Nick. That’s a bummer. GotoWebinar can be touchy. The slide deck covers all the basic points we discussed, but I’ll definitely post the replay link as soon as I can.

  3. I really enjoyed being a part of this webinar with you Phil.
    Your presentation was great – I love the zig-zag technique!

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